Horoscope May 2017: What is May Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

horoscope-maySagittarius:  Important Relations.

Month during which the main lesson to learn is to inherent in relationships with others. Whether romantic or professional, you will experience a time when you will have to learn to respect yourself first, and then others.

Freedom to love is often linked to the ability to leave people free. Learning to respect the space of others will be crucial if you want a relationship that can last over time. It’s the right time to start something important.


Capricorn: Health.

The main requirement that you feel is to satisfy, is no doubt that you want to be well. Health is a personal, subjective concept, but this is the result of a psycho-physical balance between what you do and what you would like to do.

You need to be well and to achieve this, you have to go through a change of lifestyle. Take time out, get out in the open air when you have time and, if you do not have it, find it. Stop all unhealthy habits. Start eating well and making more movement.


Aquarius: Love is all that matters.

You will love life, and this will be projected into everything you will do. The joy of having what you love will fill your heart and you will also be able to give it to those who are close to you. Though the sun in taurus forms a quadrature to your sun, this will not block the process of “inner healing” you have undertaken.

It will help you better understand what you want and what makes you feel good, leaving behind everything you do not like anymore. You will do some effort, but the result will be beautiful.


Pisces: Stability.

Continue your inner root work. For you to fish, having strong anchors is very important because you risk losing you in the emotional chaos of life. Your anchors are called responsibility and help you, though you feel something heavy, to keep your feet on the ground.

That is why May may require your presence in the family or in the workplace, where you might be entrusted with an important task. Relations take a moment of reflection. Ask what you want!




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