Mercury Retrograde Ends In 3 Days – What That Means For You, According To Your Sign

Mercury-Retrograde-Ends-In-3-Days-–-What-That-Means-For-You-According-To-Your-Sign.jpgIf you’re sensitive to planetary motion, you’ve probably been counting down the days, wondering when Mercury retrograde ends this summer — and I don’t blame you.

When you’re particularly affected by retrogrades, your entire life can feel like it’s stuck in the mud, especially when it’s Mercury that appears to be going backward.

During this time, everything is more complicated than it should be; energy is harder to muster, your perception is easily clouded by a kind of mental pollution, and tasks that are typically simple are suddenly endlessly complex.

And no matter how hard you try to wear a positive attitude when interacting with friends or coworkers, you can’t help but feel like every interaction is just a bit tenser than it should be.

According to astrologer Linda Furiate while speaking with Bustle, because Mercury’s retrograde falls under Leo, an increase in social awkwardness and discomfort is no coincidence.

And by the time Mercury comes out of retrograde on August 18, we’ll be going straight into a shadow period that will last for two weeks. The shadow period is essentially a buffer period in which our perception of Mercury gradually goes back to normal over the course of those two weeks, but by the time it gets there, we’ll be in Virgo.

Virgo’s influence on our social lives can be a bit similar to Mercury’s retrograde. Social activity, particularly with people that aren’t our closest friends, can be very draining for Virgos.

And as we move into the Virgo season, we might not get a break from that social tension that we’ve been dealing with all summer.

That said, Virgos are quite good at having connective experiences with people that they already know, so if you and your friends have fallen out of synch this summer, you’ll likely have an easy time reconnecting during the post-Mercury retrograde shadow period.

As far as our relationship with ourselves go, according to Furiate, Mercury’s retrograde in Leo might have inspired some introverted tendencies that weren’t as beneficial as they could be at the time. Sure we gained the self-discipline to look inward and stay in more, but we couldn’t actually focus with all of that planetary brain fog.

So next up, as Mercury moves out of retrograde, we’ll be able to use that introverted discipline to actually get some real reflection going. Furiate also explains that the indecisive nature that we exhibit during Mercury’s retrograde is not real, per se.

We’re just essentially functioning under a constant state of confusion so it’s hard to know which choice to make. As we go into the shadow period, that confusion will lift and by the time we’re out of the shadow period and into the Virgo season, we’ll be feeling like our sharpest selves — and that’s definitely something to look forward to.

We could all use a little bit of Virgo’s particularity and clarity after a foggy and disorienting summer. Hang in there, we’re almost there. Be proud of yourself for doing the best that you could this summer!


You may like to live fast and light, but there’s got to be time to enjoy watching the daisies grow. And this is just such a time. If you haven’t hooked up with people you love for far too long, get in touch, and even if you can’t get-together in this week of fun and pleasure, you will have set the wheels in motion.

Of course, one great week out of 52 other less than wonderful weeks won’t set every wrong to rights, but it will go a long way to help you look at your difficulties in a better, more productive light. And out of this week’s observations, could come extremely positive things.



With Mars heading back into the zone of far horizons and travel chief, Mercury returning to normal service, you could indeed be on your travels.

But whether you’re coming or going, try to build in some time to talk through plans and ideas with people who could make a big difference to them.

It might also behoove you to go back to someone who initially turned down your offer or made another attempt to get hold of an individual who has not been responding to your messages. Timing is so important, and you may just discover a move you make this week is a case of perfect timing.



Thankfully, Mercury gets back on track over the weekend so this season of delays and detours, whether with travel or communications, is all but at an end.

However, it will still behoove you to carry out the usual precautions – continuing to check that everyone is on the same page with arrangements in hand and leaving plenty of time for journeys.

On another point to remember is that once Mercury is heading in the right direction, information that has been held back or missed its mark is likely to surface. So, don’t assume because you haven’t heard from certain people that everything is as it should be.



August can be a funny month. People are on holiday and many businesses not operating at full steam, which is fine if you’ve nothing to do and a great back up team, but not so good if you’re trying to get a plan or project wrapped up.

Continue to have patience until the weekend when Mercury’s about-turn will make the going smoother and speedier.

It is also possible that people are waiting until the second week of September before making decisions or arranging meetings. With this in mind, if your intuition informs you that a word in the right ear might be appropriate, obey that impulse.



Mars heads out of the relationship area, so if you feel you have been under attack for the past few weeks, you can look forward to a little respite.

Not that you should completely let your guard down. Just because someone has gone quiet doesn’t mean he or she has gone away…

By contrast, you could be among the Leos on the receiving end of someone’s passionate attention, so perhaps the prospect of a cooling down is not entirely welcome.

These next two weeks are a time when people are winding down in preparation for a new season so, try not to rush your fences in an attempt to get something done and dusted. Patience.



In just over a week the Sun will enter your sign and you’ll be beginning a brand new cycle, so this is an optimum time to snip loose ends and put to bed those things you are done with.

These final few days with the Sun in the twelfth house, however, have a great purpose in that the unconscious mind is operating at full stretch.

Put another way, you need to pay close attention to dreams and intuitions. The moment you receive a message from the unconscious mind, follow it up, especially if it is alerting you to promising opportunities or urging you to open up a dialogue with someone who is important to you and your future.



With beautiful Venus in your sign, you can’t be complaining, can you? In the event that you are, may I politely suggest you get off that fence and set about sorting a situation that simply will not do so on its own.

Toward the end of August Venus will oppose Pluto bringing simmering issues to a boiling point, so rather than having to deal with a delicate situation in the heat of battle, so to speak, attend to it now.

More research may be needed before you tackle the matter, but difficulties are far better faced this week than later in the month. And if everything in life is a great as could be, enjoy your good karma.



This is not the first time I have used the word divine in connection with the astrology, but there is indeed something truly heavenly about these stars.

Jupiter and Neptune are in perfect harmony and while no two Scorpios will have an identikit experience, the theme of beautiful moments should apply to all.

A divine moment could be inspired by a sunset, a loving touch or a peak life-event, such as falling in love or sensing a soul connection.

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Should you instead feel your lucky stars have passed you by, less than wonderful events that happen now will have a divine purpose behind them.



Mid-August and the living is easy! Whether you’re taking a break from routine or holidaying in distant parts, there is no point in trying to force the pace.

Sit back and watch how many of those issues that suddenly pop up manage to resolve themselves without your lifting a finger.

That having been said, Mercury turns direct on Sunday, and over the course of the following few days it may emerge that someone has failed to perform an essential task or that something you believed was taken care of, has not.

So, if someone or something comes to mind, obey that instinct.



Mars slips back into your sign for a couple of weeks, so if you suddenly start to feel antsy and a tad impatient, you’ll know why.

Mars is retrograde at the moment, so there is some advantage in going back over old ground, whether for personal or professional reasons. Perhaps a negotiation was incomplete or maybe you sense there is a little more life in a situation you abandoned.

If so, this would be a good moment to resurrect it. Mercury returns to normal speed over the weekend, but as far as travel and communications go it may take a little longer for the going to become exactly smooth sailing.



If it seems you’ve been out of touch with certain people – out of touch, period – this trend is about to change. Whether it is you who starts to feel the need for company or the desire for information or whether people begin to reach out to you, by the beginning of next week you should be in the know and in with a chance!

There is no pressure to be in contact, especially if you are on an annual break, but if you start to get that feeling that you should speak to a certain person follow your intuition.

From now until the end of August information reaching you could make a big difference to your plans.



Laying the foundations and putting in the infrastructures may lack the glamour of erecting the actual building whether in terms of bricks and mortar or projects, but it is essential. And this you need to consider before you put ideas into action.

Getting it right at root level should be your aim, and being prepared to take it one step at a time so you can make a correction the moment a red flag appears.

Especially in regard to a love affair, do not compromise your principles or your needs in the hopes of impressing the other person that you are giving and adaptable: in time to come you will have no comeback should that same person walk all over you.


via Bustle and Astrolutely


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