Mercury Retrograde Is Coming To An End, Now Is The Time To Pick Up The Pieces

Mercury-Retrograde-Is-Coming-To-An-End-Now-Is-The-Time-To-Pick-Up-The-Pieces.jpgAs the retrograde season is coming to an end we all cannot help but feel a bit relieved. With that being said, we aren’t completely out of the water just yet.

All of these planets finally going direct one after another is going to really drive us to finally pick up the pieces of ourselves that have been strewn apart.

As we do this, some of us might not like what we end up finding. While all of the retrogrades before us have taken us on deep journeys within ourselves, making sense of what we bring back is not easy.

As you most likely know there have been six planets in retrograde. They are beginning to go direct with Mercury having already made its way out of retrograde and with this the tension within our lives has already begun melting away. Whether you are ready for this period of relief or not it is going to be a very emotional one.

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During this time please remember to take each thing you come to with a grain of salt. Sometimes things are not quite what they seem and even the bad leads to something good in the end. Life is one big lesson and most of us still need to learn that.

We have for months been in a state of chaos and now that is over, overwhelming silence is headed your way and everything is going to be finding its balance within your being. Retrograde season threw a lot our way and now finding the means through that to make our way to success is next on the list.

Pick up the pieces of yourself and figure out where to go from here. You are headed onto wonderful things. Don’t forget what this retrograde season has done for you and will continue to do even after its end. Focus on what you have already set in motion and push ahead.

For more information on the end of the retrograde season check out the video below. How do you feel about all of this? Are you excited to move forward?



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