New Moon In Libra Manifestation Ritual For Creating Balance In Your Life

New-Moon-In-Libra-Manifestation-Ritual-For-Creating-Balance-In-Your-Life-.jpgThe Libra New Moon on October 19th is all about bringing balance back into your life. In order to find your balance, however, you first need to get grounded and find your center.

Just like the tightrope walker has to activate their core muscles, focus ahead and begin walking step by step, we are being called on to do the same.

We are being called to find our core, know who we are and get grounded in ourselves so we can find our balance and move forward in the right direction.

If you have been feeling scattered or unsure of what direction to take, this New Moon ritual is going to help you to get grounded and get balanced so you know how to move forward.

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This ritual will also help you to receive guidance on a particular question or issue that has popped up in your life.


Libra New Moon Ritual for Grounding and Balance

You Will Need:

White Sage (or another cleansing tool of your choice)
2 crystals of your choosing
2 flowers of your choosing (can be fresh or dried)
2 leaves/fronds of your choosing (herbs or bay leaves work well too)
One candle (any color is fine)
Pen and paper


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and then your surroundings using the sage.

As you cleanse you can repeat the following mantra or write your own-

“I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I feel whole again.” 

For this ritual, you may also want to invite your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to join you.

2.) Have your ritual ingredients on a table or on the floor in front of you.

Place your candle in the middle and then your crystals on each side of the candle. Take one of your leaves and one of your flowers and hold one in each hand.

(Doesn’t matter which hand)

3.) Close your eyes and take 11 deep breaths in and out.

Try to ignore any thoughts that come in and just keep focused on your breathing. With eyes closed pay attention to whichever hand is holding the flower. Repeat the following three times-

“The beauty and aliveness of this flower help to awaken me to my true path and my true calling.”

4.) Now, with your eyes still closed, focus your energy on the hand that is holding the leaf.

Repeat the following three times- “I am grounded like a tree, I am rooted in me when I listen to my soul I know exactly where to go.”

5.) Bring both hands together so now you are cupping both the leaf and the flower in both hands.

Bring your hands in front of the candle and repeat- “I know where to lay down my roots, I am now grounded in who I am meant to be. This brings me balance and harmony.” 

6.) Place the flower on top of the leaf

(or leaf on top of the flower- whatever works better) and place them both on one side of the candle next to one of the crystals. Now take your other leaf and flower and hold them in the opposite hands that you did before.

7.) Close your eyes and think of a question that you need help and guidance on.

Perhaps you are struggling to know how to get into balance, or perhaps you are unsure of which direction you should be going in. Once you have your question state it out loud starting with –“Thank you for guiding me with…”

8.) With eyes closed focus your attention on the hand that is holding the flower.

Repeat 3 times- “Please guide me to awaken so I may find my true path and true calling in relation to my question.” 

Sit in silence and breathe deeply 10 times. See if any answers emerge. Don’t force it, just breathe.

9.) Now, with eyes closed focus your attention on the hand that is holding the leaf.

Repeat 3 times-“Please guide me to feel connected in who I am, so I feel confident in how to handle and approach my question.”

Sit in silence and breathe deeply 10 times. See if any answers emerge. Again, don’t force anything just focus on your breath. 

10.) Now bring your hands together so both the leaf and the flower are cupped in your hands.

Bring your hands in front of the candle and then repeat –“The answer to my question has already been born, I am being guided as I walk towards it.”

11.) Place the flower on top of the leaf and put it on the other side of your candle.

Looking at the table or floor in front of you, you should have a crystal, flower, and leaf on each side of the candle- the perfect balance!

12.) Now take your pen and paper and just write down any thoughts or feelings that emerged for you.

Are you feeling clearer in regards to the answer to your question? Trust that your question has been answered and that you are now just in the process of walking towards the answer.

13.) To close the ritual, blow/snuff out your candle.

Take your flowers/leaf arrangements and bury them in the earth. This symbolizes a planting of “seeds” that will be “harvested” over the coming weeks.

Bury them in a pot plant, garden, park or just leave them out somewhere in nature. It is best to do this right after the ritual, but within 2 days of the ritual is also fine.

14.) Sleep with the crystals by your bedside for 3 nights following this ritual.

Happy Libra New Moon!




Source: foreverconscious


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