When’s the Next Mercury Retrograde? Sooner Than You Think

mercury retrograde

We’ve all had that one kooky aunt who smelled like patchouli, was perpetually half-drunk on sherry and  loved to talk about twin flames. She may have even thrown around the words “retrograde” and “celestial divinity.” But Mercury retrograde is actually less woo-woo than its reputation suggests, and the next Mercury retrograde is coming up—on March 5, 2019.

Let’s get down to the basics: Mercury retrograde really just describes the moment that Mercury passes Earth during its rotation around the sun. (Other planets go retrograde, too, but Mercury is the one that comes up the most.) From our perspective, it looks like Mercury is moving backward. And while this is only an illusion, Mercury retrograde’s effects are anything but.

The phenomenon happens three or four times a year, and it’s known to affect everything from technology to communication to travel.

Expect computer glitches, communication issues, cancelled flights, broken contracts, paperwork snafus and pretty much anything else that could leave you—and everyone around you—little cranky. 2019 is bound to be a dynamic year, and the retrogrades will be no different; on March 5, Mercury retrograde in Pisces will make itself known.

With so many energies competing for dominance during retrogrades, trusting in ourselves is more important than ever to stay on course. And if staying on course isn’t serving you anymore—retrogrades may be the opportunity you’re looking for to turn your world upside down.

During March 5’s Mercury retrograde (which, by the way, will last through March 28), we recommend following the advice of the AstroTwins, who recommend using the prefix “re” to make the best of a retrograde. Review, reunite, reconnect, and research. Let’s unpack, shall we?


Astrologers say this all the time, but making time for life reviews is crucial in living and intentional and cosmically juicy life. Don’t skip this step during retrograde. And don’t be concerned if your life plans change. Adjustments can be necessary.


It’s important to avoid the hive-mind—especially during Mercury retrograde, when communication is fraught with issues—but don’t be afraid to reach out and lean into a community. Reuniting with old friends and missed connections can help you in your review, and in your quest to reconnect with your true self.


With yourself, with your life, with your favorite halter top that makes you look like a young Jennifer Aniston. What do you miss most, right now? What do you want to work on? What do you need to accept and stop trying to change?


We all know learning and growth are required in order for us to bloom. But it’s hard, dude. And I get that. After all day working, or going to school, or just generally observing our other obligations, the last thing we feel like doing is anything hard.

But researching how to accomplish our goals and how to enrich our lives is the good stuff. The stuff that will make us look back on our life with pride. So ask yourself: How are you feeding your brain and soul?

And remember, Mercury retrograde isn’t the end of the world. It’s only as negative as you perceive it to be. Play to your strengths. Surrender to your own truth. Sometimes, two steps forward and one step back is more than enough.


This was written by Nicole Chiarella for StyleCaster.


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