These Are The Psychic Abilities Of Each Zodiac Sign

psychic abilitiesEach and every one of us has their own psychic ability already developed or it is waiting to be. These abilities are based on our personal experiences, traumas from the past, previous lives, the things we love.

We have different abilities based on these criteria, some are stronger some are weaker but we can’t argue that all of them are useful for us.

Below we show you the psychic abilities each zodiac sign possesses.


Visionary: This ability best suites the Aries, since this sign has difficulties with feeling certain things and communicating, they just need to see it in order to believe in it.

They can see the goal and make the perfect strategy for how to get there. Taking the lead is their strong side.


Detailist: Quite literally. Nothing gets past them. Their ability to be able to focus on the tiniest details is the best suit for Taurus.

It makes them perfect for investigation since they can find any hidden information or solve some very mysterious case.

They have an obsession with material assets, and this kind of ability is perfect for them since it allows them to clarify their value clearly.


Sixth Sense: Geminis are only ones that have this unique ability. It allows them to feel energies and everything they know and feel comes from their spirit.

They are born to write, they can quite literally zone out everything and everyone else and just focus on their energy to write, it allows them to see and feel things nobody else can.


Emotional Vision: Cancers all very truly and deeply connected to their own feelings.

They can sense and feel everything around them.

They can feel other people energies whether they are good or bad, sometimes this ability drains them too much, but they simply need it to understand things more deeply.

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Foresight: This ability allows them to see into the future and see the upcoming opportunities.

They have a great imagination and nothing would make them happier than positive outcomes and circumstances.

Because of this ability, they often end up building their own future. They even use this ability to help out other people, to foresee the opportunities their future holds.


Psychic Doctor: None of the twelve signs is more capable of being a psychic doctor than Virgo.

They can sense when someone is going through emotional pain, or something bad is happening to them, and as their nature demands, they must help these people.


Telepathy: This is the ability that allows them to peak into other people head and sees what’s going in on their head.

This ability is developed because of their social nature, they can connect with other people in a very different and higher level than most people do, allowing them to literally read their minds.


Dream Control: This is the rarest ability of them all. They can literally control what they dream about. It is a step to a totally mysterious and different world.


Astral Explorer: Sagittarius are known for their tendency to explore, to be adventurous, they prefer excitement over anything.

When it comes to astral projection, they are always up to it, Sagittarius would go and discover other non-physical dimensions just to make them feel alive.

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Retrocognition: This psychic ability allows the Capricorns to look into the previous lives.

Since they are often asked for their counsel and opinion, this ability allows them to explain people about their fears, or personality traits that otherwise are unexplainable.


Body Language: Aquarius rules the communication part of the zodiac, they allow their subconscious mind to use their physical body as a form of communication to others.

They rule the communication because their sign represents the synchronicity and transferring heavenly information to earth.


Intuition: Their intuition allows them to obtain clear knowledge about any given situation at any given time. Pisces’s psychic ability is eventually more based on immediate reactions than feelings.

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