9 Signs You Are Tapping Into Your Dormant Psychic Abilities

9 Signs You Are Tapping Into Your Dormant Psychic AbilitiesPsychic abilities do exist and these powers vary from person to person. Take two people that read minds and intentions. One of them may be using a extremely refined and disciplined version of the throat chakra.

The other may have a over developed or at least well maintained pituitary gland.

The variance in how people are able to reach supernatural goals makes it difficult to write a list of common guidelines. We feel confident about the list below.

We hope that is affirmation will bring new perspective to you current experiments into the unknown.


You Experience Many Headaches

One of the few drawbacks, this symptom can pass from the realm of annoying to painful and debilitating.

This symptom could develop for any number of reasons. It could ache in the same way an exercised muscle does. You may have subconsciously taken or mirrored from someone.

Whatever the reason drink some water, eat and meditate, in that order.


You Experience ‘The Roaring Of Silence’

This peculiar sensation is very unsettling the first couple of times you hear it. As your psychic abilities sharpen you will be able to ‘hear’ the world around you. You aren’t picking up specific thoughts, intentions or emotions.

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In lieu of the specific stimuli you feel the ‘weight’ of the presence of that information. This false silence is like the way your brain is protecting you from being flooded with psychic information.


Your Frequently Sought Out For Advice And Intuitive Perspective

People may come to you for all sorts of wants and needs. While people you know often come to you, strangers will as well. When approached  by strangers just do your best to not judge and actively listen.

If they are opening up to you, this is a strong indication that they lack someone to talk to.


You Experience Extreme And Seemingly Random Sensations

Examples of this look can take on many varieties but one of them is temperature fluctuations localized to specific extremities (a cold left hand, or tingly right calf).

You may also feel a surge of energy, someone watching you and a burst of a strong emotion out of seemingly nowhere.

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Feelings of something crawling on you, falling or even sudden spinning sensations can manifest as well.

This is you picking up on someone else’s ju-ju.


Varying Levels Of Precognition Are Common

You’ll be looking at a problem and it’ll feel like someone whispered the answer in your ear. The answer may not always be dead on but it’ll be fairly close.

The sensation, like many of these examples, is hard to explain but it feels very similar to when your gut is trying to tell you something.


Without Verbal Communication, You Know What Strangers Want

A person can walk into a room, a person you don’t know, and before that person says anything, you take on the feeling of a human mirror, You can feel what they feel and know their intentions.

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In cases where you already know the person, the feelings and process looks similar.


You Can See Auras

You may or may not be able to see distinctive shapes and colors streaming off a person.  It may appear as ripples or shimmers in the air. If you want to specifically develop this skill faster, we have an article geared towards your needs.

Naturally And Without Effort You Lucid Dream

You have naturally developed a refined and strong connection with your mental and spiritual aspects, allowing you to dream ‘better’.

You can not only dream more vividly but also remember more of these details and intentions when you come back to the waking world.

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Highly Empathic

This goes beyond feeling similar to what another person feels. It is far more intense in the vividness and clarity of what is felt.


You Experience Anxiety And Distinctive ‘Weirdness’ In Public

Large crowds and public spaces give you anxiety. You can feel the false silence we talked about earlier.

Also, the fact that you are experiencing these powers and spiritual breakthroughs, means that there are a handful of others in the crowd going through the same thing.

They could be projecting these feelings with out meaning to. It’ll be like a baby crying out because it’s cold and it doesn’t know what else to do.



This post was republished from thespiritscience.net.


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