5 Easy Steps to Start Seeing The Aura

5 Easy Steps to Start Seeing The Aura

The existence of an auric field around our body has been also confirmed by several studies. One of them you can find here: This Study Shows How Humans Can Sense A Force Field Around Their BodySo you wonder if aura does really exist why can’t we see it?

Below we offer you some simple steps you can follow to be able to see your own aura and that of other people. 

If you want to have a quick check on the status of your aura you can always refer to this test: AURA TEST. Its accuracy has been confirmed by more than 200,000 people and researchers of this field.

To better see the aura you should observe the object or person on a neutral background, preferably white. The aura cannot be observed on a black background.


Inanimate object aura

Inanimate object aura

Step 1

Start with inanimate objects and basic colors, such as a red book, as red and blue auras are most vivid. Relax well, your eyes should also be relaxed.

Focus on one point and concentrate. After a few seconds, you should start to see a slight aura. At this point, you might be tempted to look away, but do not do it.

Do not change your focus and continue to watch at one point. You can blink to moisturize your eyes. During blinking, aura will disappear for a short time but you will quickly see it again.


Leaves Aura

Leaves Aura

Step 2

After completing the first step, start looking for different basic colors. For example, you can cover several books with different colored leaves and start to concentrate. Practice as much as necessary.

Once you improve focus and concentration you can start with observing plants.

Collect plants and flowers and start to exercise again. You will see an orange-pink aura around the stem and leaves. Around live plants, you will notice a sharper and vibrant shiny aura.



Step 3

The next step is to practice seeing auras in animals. This is not such an easy task because it is difficult to hold the animal still for long.

The best solution is to concentrate on the domestic dog or cat while you relax and stay still.

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Human Aura

Human Aura

Step 4

Observe your own aura. This can be done outdoors or indoors.

Monitor arms and legs and concentrate. It is preferable to do this on a light background.



Step 5

After passing all the previous steps, you can start to focus on other people to try to see their auras. Seeing the human aura is very difficult because people have a lot of emotions and feelings.

Initially you start to see very light flashes, but very soon you will see auras much clearer, with a brilliant optical effect.

The saturation of the aura depends on the mood of the people. It is strong and brightly colored when a person is in a good mood and vice versa. There are several techniques you can use to strengthen your aura, we speak about them in detail here: How To Strengthen Your Aura And Protect Yourself From Being Emotionally Drained. Try to concentrate on the exposed skin of the human or in the center of the head.

Music improves mood, so you can play the favorite music of the man that you are observing, to boost his aura. Initially do not exert yourself very much to see the aura. It takes a lot of practice and learning the techniques until you can safely see the aura of people.

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The different colors of the aura mean different things and are divided into clean and dirty colors:

People with black aura – meaning

People with pink aura – meaning

People with violet aura – meaning

People with blue aura – meaning

People with green aura – meaning

People with yellow aura – meaning

People with orange aura – meaning

People with red aura – meaning

You can also try this simple test to check the color of your aura: AURA COLOR TEST

img source: fineartamerica


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