Red Aura People

red aura people

Red Aura personalities take pleasure in expressing themselves through their sexuality and physical body. They live their lives “here and now” with strength, courage, and confidence.

Reality must be tangible for them. They should be able to see, touch, hear or smell. Not abstract thinkers. They need proof that something exists – it has to be something concrete and tangible. Red auras have a very strong will and enjoy all the physical aspects of life.

Red auras perceive life through physical reality and through their actions. Their main motivation is to feel alive and strong. Red auras strive to be successful and are born winners. They represent the fire element: physical love, passion, warmth, and desire. The more they experience excitement, the more alive they feel.

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Red personalities are practical, action-oriented, love to achieve results and be successful. They have an insatiable desire to win and to create something valuable and important in life.

Their strong will and almost unlimited physical energy allow them to be extremely active, sustainable and successful in almost everything they do.


Social Life of the Red Aura Personality

Red auras are social personalities. They love people and like to be among them. Their favorite activity is to go out with friends, lovers or partners. They easily find friends and people with whom to speak, wherever they go.

They emit around them aura of attraction and excitement. In companies where they are employed red auras are usually in the spotlight. They love to be surrounded by beautiful men or women.


Career and finances of the Red Aura Personality

It is nearly impossible to stop a red person if they are determined to achieve a goal. They are good at initiating and completing projects.

They lead others with their strong will and physical willingness to act and work. For them, “No” is an unacceptable answer. For them, the refusal means that they have not tried enough.

They are not guided by strategy and vision, but by strength and courage. Typical professions for people with red auras are: businessman, professional athlete, entrepreneur, marketer, manager, surgeon, team leader, dancers, models.


Health and development of the Red Aura Personality

Red aura personalities have enormous physical and emotional energy. If they learn how to find positive outlets for their powerful force and how to channel their energy into creative projects and positive actions, Red Aura persons will be very successful and happy. To be in harmony red auras have to live and express their full potential.

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They have to find positive ways to express their powerful and explosive energy, such as sports, exercise, work or creativity.

They must also learn to use their energy in a creative way and how to unleash their physical and emotional energy without hurting them self or others.




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