5 Signs That Your Life Has a Bigger Purpose on This Planet

5 Signs That Your Life Has a Bigger Purpose on This Planet

From time to time we have the feeling that there is more to us in life than we can describe. Sometimes we have these feelings through the entire life and we simply have no idea that they are part of the bigger picture.

The thing is that we have our own habits, our daily routines that is hard for us to get rid of. Instead of taking risks, going on adventures, meeting new people, seeing new places, we are stuck in our comfort zone.

It might be out of fear of the unknown, or it might be because we are busy or don’t want to get out of this zone. Either way, we should understand our fullest potential and never stop achieving the great heights.

Below are some signs that can tell if you were meant to be part of a much bigger picture in the world.


  1. Extreme Idealist

If you are an idealist, you see the best in the world although it has its ups and downs.

There are situations in life that it looks like there is no way out, where you feel powerless and unable to control the things that are happening around you, but even in moments like this, you know that good things are coming and that there is a ray of light calamity.

People often look to idealists for new ways and ideas.



  1. Filled with Compassion

You are a very passionate person and will often in times offer your services for free if it’s something that you love doing because some things in life have no price.

You are inspiring the world only with your smile and the amazing things that you have done.

When people want to try something for themselves, they look up to you, because you are the fire that ignites the curiosity of so many others.


  1. Waiting for Inspiration

Sometimes, it happens that you leave some project unfinished because you have no inspiration.

It is not that you do not want to finish it, it’s just that you are simply waiting for the right moment or the right inspiration to struck your creative side again.

You are putting your heart in every little detail to make sure that even the smallest thing is perfect.

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Some of the glorious masterpieces in the world are made like this.


  1. Relentlessly Empathetic

It is hard to be an empathetic person because not only that you feel what others feel but also you feel what the entire world feels simultaneous.

Sometimes you can understand all at once and you are feeling overwhelmed by how much you want to express.

You are the kind of a person that is always there for your friends when they need you, but you are also there for the planet when it needs you.

There may even come a time where you will want to drop everything to go and help someone for fear of being too late.


  1. Despise Working for Others

You really despise when you have to work for other people that are not yourself. It is not because you don’t want to help or that you don’t like them, it is simply because you know that you can do much more, that you are made for greater things.

You hate when you are working for someone with shallow intentions, instead of creating a better place for you and the entire world.

Sometimes you might feel disappointed or defeated, knowing that you could have done so much and you could have been part of the world in some other meaningful way.

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We are all part of a much greater picture, but it takes time to realize it!




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