Yellow Aura People

yellow-aura-peopleYellow aura personalities are the sunniest, happiest and most childish people in the color spectrum of the auras. All they need is to have fun.

These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor. They love to laugh and enjoy life from many different angles.

They always remind others not to take life too seriously and always look positively. Life and work should be fun. They measure life by how happy and satisfied and how well they feel.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, it is sweet and very funny.”

Yellow aura personalities are intelligent, bright and radiant people. They learn things easily and receive information without asking for relationship or the reasons for it. They like to work with their mind and at the same time dealing with the philosophies of ideas and concepts. 

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Yellow aura people are highly sensitive. They are like antennas and feel what other people feel or what vibrations are broadcast in a room. Their bodies are too sensitive and receptive to the information generated by our technologically advanced society. As a result, they are overloaded very quickly.

You can see them unconsciously playing with a cigarette, napkin or make funny gestures with their hands. Important for the yellow aura people is to stay in shape. If they are frustrated, irritated or mad, they must release their energies flowing through the physical body.


Social life of the Yellow Aura People

Yellow aura personalities are social people. They have many friends and are constantly looking for new one. They enjoy all kinds of gatherings. Yellow auras are welcome in any friend company because of their joyful, often funny and accommodating attitude towards life and because of their intellectual brilliance.

They have a group consciousness, whether it comes to team sports or just their friends. They are usually in the spotlight and are usually surrounded by friends all the time.


Career and Finances of The Yellow Aura People

Yellow aura personalities like spontaneous initiative and simulation. They are ideal for people starting new projects, but sometimes have difficulties in finishing.

Money is not a major problem for them. They can make money easily because they are not afraid to work hard. Often, however, as fast as they earn money as fast they spend them.

Yellow aura people have the ability to solve the problems creatively. They create new, unusual and innovative solutions. On the other hand, they have difficulty in completing projects or completely solve the problems. They are good at the start of a project and support other people enthusiastic.

Typical professions for people with a yellow aura are athletes, comedians, musicians, artists, actors, philosophers, psychologists, therapists, massage therapists, medical doctors, mechanics, cooks, stewards or tourist guides.


Health and development of the Yellow Aura People

Yellow aura people should take care of their physical bodies, more than the other auras. Their body is like “energy” antenna. They feel other people’s feelings, their thoughts or even the vibration in one room.

If they don’t remain balanced and strong, their body will show the imbalance and can be strongly influenced by external influences.

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They also know what means mind-body connection. They are a perfect example of how emotions and thoughts affect and relate to the physical body.

Yellow aura people will be healthier if they learn to listen and to respect the “physical antenna” and the mind-body connection. Positive addictions such as exercise and movement, healthy and playful sex or meditation and prayer are very important to them.

Activities such as cycling, tennis, dancing, running or other muscle exercises are recommended for the yellow people and should be practiced daily.

Active meditation as dynamic meditation, Qui Gong or Tai Chi has a positive effect on the yellow auras as the focus of your mind and your physical body connects with the universal energy flow. Yellow aura people who are healthy and strong need a full sexual life, to connect with an abundance of energy available to them and enjoy all aspects of life.



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