Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving On January 2017

Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving On January 2017

ALL planets in our solar system will be going direct for nearly 4 weeks — this rare event has not occurred since early 2011.

Beginning on January 9th, after Mercury stations direct at 28 deg Sagittarius, we’ll have all 12 planets moving FORWARD for 4 weeks of action, manifestation, development, joy, and growth.

Instant manifestations are already happening for many of us.

This is the first huge download of higher energies we’ve had for awhile!

Are you READY for the next chapter of your life to really begin?
It may have felt slow going in some areas of your life since the new year started, but the shift is coming – keep that faith.

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January and February are going to provide big opportunities for moving you forward with your intentions, dreams, and desires. It is time for action and things to get off the ground, even if you may have given up on them previously or thought it would never happen, or did not know what to do next.

It will happen and it is happening and it was simply waiting for the right time – so be ready to say YES and be willing to stretch yourself in new ways.

The biggest planet, Jupiter, will be the first planet to station retrograde on Feb 5at 23 degrees Libra. He will ask us to review what we’ve learned about sharing, partnerships, cooperation, and who we value in our lives. But even when Jupiter goes retrograde, 11 planets will still be moving forward until March and April – also rare!


Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are helping you establish new foundations in your life that are uniquely YOU. What is your vision for yourself? What is your long-held dream and biggest hope? The past year has required us to look at what we want to take forward, and what we are ready to leave behind. Choice points were needed so you could get clear about what really calls to your heart and soul.

Now you are being given a ‘love push’ by the Universe/God/Spirit to follow through on what that is. You will feel a push forward to go for it. But you need to be clear and ready to go – the only thing holding back the energy and support could be yourself, so get those duckies in a row now and stay open to what shows up.


Also on the horizon: January 12th is a Full Moon in Cancer, that pulls us back into our hearts to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, our needs, and trusting our feelings as wise messengers. You can’t spend all day at the office, or you’ll get sick and then be forced to nurture yourself. Take care of yourself and balance the workload with downtime – it will pay off in the long run and keep you healthier.

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Then 2017 officially begins with the first New Moon of the year on January 28 at 7 degrees Aquarius. This is when we have assimilated what is best for ALL (ourselves, our community, humanity, the globe) and can begin with those intentions that support and serve in cosmic ways. This New Moon is meant to get something off the ground for you that is creative, high-vibe, and a bit forward-thinking. It’s also excellent for metaphysical studies.

As an astrologer, I am absolutely in LOVE with January and February as two months of really special energy.

I hope this heads up helps you stay motivated for what you want in your life, knowing that sometimes it is a matter of timing and bigger collaboration with the cosmos before our next steps can fully materialize.


By:  Molly McCord The Earth Child


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