The Best Way For Your Zodiac Sign To Recharge When You Feel Exhausted

zodiac sign

When your energy is depleted and you’re fully zeroed out, it can be hard to imagine how it even feels to be at peak strength. Everyone has their own preferred tactics for recharging their batteries, and we’ve laid out a few quintessential ones according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Working Out

As a highly physical sign, endorphins work especially well on you, Aries. A bout of exercise is sure to lift your mood, because pumping up is what pumps you up!

Taurus: Window-shop for Things You Can’t Afford

Taureans draw inspiration from aesthetic sources, so perusing for luxury fashion or jewelry, even if you can’t afford to buy it, brings a little color to your cheeks. Bonus fact: Audrey Hepburn, famously depicted outside of Tiffany’s in full evening regalia, was a Taurus!

Gemini: Laughing Until You Cry With Your Favorite Person

The thrill of being doubled over with laughter is highly energizing and contagious, so grab your funniest friend or family member and wake each other up with your mutual wit.

Cancer: Eat or Drink Something With Your Favorite Ingredient

Food is usually welcome to you, Cancer, because you tend to nurture others before yourself. Have an enhanced treat with a little of your favorite thing to soothe any anxieties and fortify your mood as well as your belly.

Leo: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Whether or not there’s a crowd, it’s an absolute certainty that you know how to put on a show. Crank up the volume on your favorite song and live your rock star fantasy, lions.

Virgo: Get a Massage

Because you do a lot of caretaking, you often end up with a lot of tension in your body. Release your posture of duty, Virgo, and get a massage. You can be at everyone’s service after you’ve served yourself.

zodiac sign

Libra: Visit a Museum

Like Taureans, you’re an aesthetic sign, but you tend to be more energized by beautiful ideas than just things. So when you’re low energy, visit a museum and amuse yourself by interpreting every piece.

Scorpio: Check up on Your Nemesis

Jealousy isn’t always a bad thing, Scorpio. The experience of a rivalry can help you identify your goals and motivate you to pursue them. The best revenge, after all, is living well.

Sagittarius: Go for a Walk and Talk

Not only do you love good conversation, Sagittarius, but you love a little cardio while you gab. Taking an extended walk and talk with a friend will put some pep in your step and your brain.

Capricorn: Confide in Someone

Capricorns don’t lower their guards for just anyone. The joy of confiding in someone worthy of your trust is one to indulge when you need a pick-me-up.

Aquarius: Watch Something Funny

You’ve got a unique sense of humor, Aquarius, so get yourself onto a higher vibration by watching whatever makes you reliably crack up. Then send it to anyone you think might get it.

Pisces: Draw a Tarot Card

You’re especially attuned to the mysteries of the universe, Pisces, so draw a tarot card when you’re feeling wiped out. Not only will it revive you; it’ll be accurate, too.


This was originally published by Mystical Raven.


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