Saturn-Neptune Sextile Horoscope: Your Love And Relationships On January 31st

sextile horoscope

Just because we can’t put it into words, it doesn’t make it not real.

On January 31st, we will feel something different in the air, something that makes us believe in magic and that maybe we haven’t drifted off the path that was meant for us. On this day, when Saturn sextile Neptune — with Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces —the zodiac signs are in for a real treat when it comes to their love horoscope.

Often, when the ringed planet is involved, we can feel that our dreams are constrained or held back; however, teamed up with Pisces it’s about showing us that the impossible is very possible as long as we believe that it’s possible.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, complimenting each and amplifying their energies. In this case specifically, the aspect of due karma is from Saturn and magic and dreams from Neptune.

This is mainly a one-day transit which we may feel up for a week, but the remnants will stay with us, especially if we have seized this magical moment.

Saturn and Neptune don’t often seem like obvious bedfellows; after all, one is about boundaries and rigidity, and the other is known for illusion and the dissolution of separation. However, when they come together under beneficial circumstances like this one, it’s really about bringing out the best of one another even if they seem in many ways to be opposites.

This aspect is important in part because it also plays into what has been going on for the past month. While we’ve had an active January, even though no planets have been direct, thanks to our eclipse season and a myriad of planets in Capricorn, we were getting down to the work that needed to be done.

Sometimes in Capricorn, though we can feel down, suffocated or even like we’re failing no matter what we do, it’s not really the purpose of this earth sign. But when we think about the practical, sometimes we begin to feel overwhelmed, and once that occurs, we give up altogether.

At this point in the year we need a little magic. We need to see a glimpse of a reward for why we’ve been working so hard, something that makes us believe in not just a reason why, but that there is still a little bit of the unexplainable left in life.

Saturn is also known as the Lord of Time and Karma; it’s the planet that delivers on what we’re due. While karma is seen as purely positive and negative, it’s really the accumulation of what we’ve not only put out into the world but also the lessons that we’ve refused to learn.

Saturn will keep delivering us the same situation, the same partner but with a different name, the same chances and opportunities — not to see us fail but to see if we will have learned our lesson. Will we be more financially responsible? Will we stay faithful? Will we act from a place of knowing what we deserve?

These are just some of the themes that Saturn is famous for bringing into our lives. But in Capricorn, it’s based on the work we’ve been putting in, especially in terms of ourselves and our relationships.

Have we been acting according to what it is we say that we want? Have we compromised our morals, our desires, or have we not just been speaking our truth but living it as well? Saturn in Capricorn is concerned about foundations and if we’ve laid the groundwork for our dreams.

Have we taken our time, been honest, cleared of loose ends? Have we really acted from a place of learning from past mistakes and also our best selves?

This is where the magic comes in. For many of us, we’ve been focused on the work for a few months; we’ve been looking at issues of honesty and integrity, desires and wants, and cycles and patterns, making sure that we are doing something different this time around.

Neptune in Pisces is as beautiful an alignment as we could get; life looks more beautiful, we’re more open, loving, connected to our spiritual center, and believing that magic is possible.

When these two planets align, it means that Neptune will be bringing magic to those who have fulfilled the hard work that Saturn asks for. It means that while we’ve been working behind the scenes for some time clearing our karma and completing our work, it was only that personal dedication that will make this magic possible in our lives.

While this energy will be felt differently by us all, it really is the feeling of something just working out, the feeling of being surprised that a particular life choice or relationship took a certain path, or that maybe your chance with someone wasn’t as over as you had thought it was.

During this time, we will be feeling more positive about our choices, almost as if the hard work and difficult days we’ve experienced over the past few months are suddenly forgotten. It’s a time that will let us see that we do reap what we sow, and while Saturn has been focusing on that this month, with Neptune involved it will be showering us with some positive energy, magical occurrences and lots of love.

For those in relationships, there will likely be a moment where you suddenly know that this person is the one. Or, if there have been difficulties of late, this transit will help remind you both why you’re together in the first place.

Singles can look forward to this transit because it’s likely to shake up the dating energy and give some positive injections into your dating life, if that’s what you’re looking for. Because Neptune doesn’t discriminate, this love and magic doesn’t actually have to deal with a partner at all.

Maybe you’ll have a moment of immense career success, maybe you’ll have a day at a spa, or receive some great news in your career.

Regardless of what happens, this is our moment to just be, to enjoy what comes, and try to not explain it but simply to be present, knowing our hard work is finally paying off.


This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach.


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