How Taurus Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign’s Relationship And Love Life, Starting April 20th, 2019

taurus season 2019

Realizing what you want is the hardest part.

On April 20th, the Sun will transition into the earth sign of Taurus, changing how we go about starting new things and deciding what we even want. Just because it’s Taurus season, that doesn’t mean all the zodiac signs won’t be affected. And with romance on our minds, it’s only natural to wonder what the Taurus love horoscope has in store for all of us.

In astrology, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, coming after hot-tempered Aries. It’s a more grounded sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of love. The bull loves balance in their emotional and material worlds. For us, this will be the time when we gain some much-needed clarity in our relationships as well as any possible new beginnings we started but were still hoping for clarity.

The energy of the bull will be with us for about a month until we see the Sun move into Gemini on May 21st, which will ignite an entirely different type of energy.

While the specifics of our lives may be different, it doesn’t mean that we still aren’t traveling through similar cycles and patterns. In this case, many of us are currently in this phase of getting our bearings after we had been through a big life direction over the end of last year and the beginning of 2019.

For many of us, these changes involved relationships. In the past few months we saw relationships end that we never expected, and we saw our lives change in ways we could never imagine.

Some of us swore off love or risk for a very long time, and for others it propelled them forward on a quest for their own truth, regardless of what they had been through. At this point of 2019, many of us are just beginning to feel comfortable in this new year. We’ve closed out some major patterns and cycles. We’ve taken a respite to heal and focus on us, and now it seems the universe is wanting us to head in a different direction.

Taurus wants to help us believe again. It wants to nudge us off that ledge and it’s going to help us see that in order for us to know what we want, we have to try. We don’t always know the answers ahead of time; sometimes we have to just test it out. To see if that new job, new apartment or even relationship fits, we need to be with (or without) someone to know if it’s what meant to pursue.

Aries season brought in a lot of possibilities for us, but it feels like we didn’t exactly seize them. We might have tested the waters, but it’s unlikely we made that big plunge. For us, Taurus isn’t going to just help us discover what we want, but it’s going to be a great time for us to try these new selves that have been growing and developing.  

We aren’t the same people we were last year. We’ve grown too much, changed too much, and couldn’t go back to that time even if we wanted to.

So now, we must move forward, seeing how it feels to approach new situations as this new self. We have to give ourselves the time to understand that it’s not that we don’t know what we want, but that we are going to approach it differently now that we’ve changed.

Shortly after Taurus season begins, highlighting our patience, stability and relationship desires, we will see Venus move into Aries, making us feel like maybe we know what we want after all. With Venus in Aries, we will automatically feel more confident, but with it being Taurus season, even if we dive right into something new, especially a relationship, we’re still going to be building a very firm and stable foundation.

Finishing out the end of April, we see both Pluto and Saturn retrograde, and with the Taurean energy we will be approaching these transits with less anxiety. We will be in the place to absorb the lessons we are meant to and do the work they are requiring of us.

May will be an active month with a great deal of smaller transits: no planets turning retrograde, a new moon in Taurus, and both Venus and Mars entering Taurus. These transits will give us that new romantic beginning we’ve all been waiting for.

While Taurus season begins in April, we might not see things pick up until the beginning or middle of May, so have patience if that new beginning or relationship isn’t developing as quickly as you hoped.
This next season is a time for surrendering to the natural flow of life.

Sometimes we’re meant to rush ahead and charge in, and other times we need to sit out and wait a bit to figure out what direction we’re meant to go in. During this time, don’t overthink or pressure yourself to do or not do something, just go with what feels right.

It seems that when we get stuck into these patterns of thinking, we don’t know what we want; instead, it’s that we often do, but we don’t believe we should want it.

We talk and think ourselves in circles, but once Mercury and Venus join the Sun in Taurus, it’s going to be about time to not only take the steps to move forward but to trust ourselves in that whatever we’re feeling has a purpose to it. Maybe it’s hard to realize what you want, but maybe that’s just because we forget that we’ve grown beyond who we were.

Before we can figure out what we want, we first need to remember who we really are.


This was originally published by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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