The Most Difficult Part of Loving You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The-Most-Difficult-Part-of-Loving-You-According-to-Your-Zodiac-Sign.jpgWe all have our own issues when it comes to love. Most people have their own fears or concerns that aren’t the easiest to deal with.

The best way to combat them or make them more bearable for those around us, specifically those who we date, is to confront them head-on.

Find out what’s holding you back from love and work to make it better. Here, we lay out how and why you’re causing difficulties in your own love life.


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Aries. You shroud the person you’re in love with, but unfortunately, you lay it on so thick, you practically bury them. You have a predisposition to love addiction. It’s hard for you to take things slow, but if you do it will be worth it.

Taurus. Romance brings out your emotional side, but don’t let your feelings overwhelm you. You have the tendency to be needy or overly cheesy in relationships, and sometimes you put too much of a premium on receiving gifts.

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Remember to stay practical. Try to find someone who balances your intellectual and emotional needs– that’s your sweet spot, and it will definitely make things easier.


Gemini. You need excitement and variety. This can make it difficult to keep you interested and invested in a relationship.

You are drawn in by someone who is easy to talk to, but keeping you around is the hard part. However, once you find the right person, staying faithful and steady will feel like less of a chore.


Cancer. Unfortunately, your practicality can kill the passion in your relationship. You seek relationships with people who are reliable and understanding, but then the relationship becomes routine and boring.

In order to make a relationship work, you may end up staying in one that isn’t supposed to. Your dedicated nature should only apply to those who deserve it.


Leo. You like to take charge and be the leader, and even though you are a gentle and caring lover, your harsh independence can isolate you from your partner.

Your relationships won’t work if you aren’t with someone willing to stand up for themselves and keep their sense of self intact. You are so strong that sometimes you can overpower the one you’re with.


Virgo. You prefer stability and real relationships over hookups and casual dating. When you decide to be with someone, it’s a big deal because you don’t settle for anyone.

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However, you may have difficulty expressing how you feel about the person you’re with, making it difficult for them to know where the relationship stands and in turn, creating serious communication issues.

Libra. You are a people pleaser and you will spoil the one you’re with to a fault– sometimes when they don’t deserve it. The idea of being alone scares you, so sometimes you stick around in situations that don’t feel right. Your fear of being alone is one of your biggest vices.


Scorpio. You have trust issues. You’re careful to a fault when it comes to who you date. You see no point in entering a relationship that more than likely will fail.

So, you hardly enter any at all. But once you finally do trust someone, the relationship can be really strong and passionate.


Sagittarius. You like having fun. You’re humorous and playful, and when it comes to love, sometimes you are too busy having a good time to care about labels or locking down a relationship. You often have trouble distinguishing if you really like someone or if you just like hooking up with them.


Capricorn. Your walls are up so high, no one can get in. You’re cautious and responsible, so of course, that spills over into your love life.

When you do finally reveal your emotions, it’s usually after years and mostly shown through actions rather than words. Your overly cautious approach to love can make it difficult for people to stay. They may feel like they’re spinning their wheels with you.


Aquarius. You are attracted to intellect and you are a long-term relationship type of person. Unfortunately, finding people who are on the same page seems to be a challenge.

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As you get older, you will find more people seeking the kind of mature relationship you crave, which is one of mutual respect, commitment, and love. One day you’ll find it. Honestly, it’s the world’s problem– not yours.


Pisces. You are generous to a fault. You are most likely to give your significant other too much love and attention too soon. You’re a gift giver and extremely caring.

Your desire to give comes from a good place, but unfortunately, in this effed up world, nice people are seen as weak and desperate. Hold off on the gifts and compliments– use them wisely!


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