The Most Psychic Signs Of The Zodiac – Ranked

1 / 1 – The Most Psychic Signs Of The Zodiac – Ranked.jpgYou are either psychic or you aren’t! That’s what they say anyways, and they just happen to be right. Some claim that each of us has the potential to be psychic, given proper techniques and practice, of course.

With time, diligence, and desire, almost anything can be attained, even psychic ability. However, if we’re talking about which signs are born with an innate psychic ability, then some got it and some don’t.

No hard feelings here, but some of you are just not connected. It’s not easy to tap into other dimensions in which we can see, hear, and feel the future or know something without understanding why.

This is a gift. And for some of you, you are much more aware of this gift than others. If you’ve suspected you’re psychic, but never really explored it, well, here’s your chance, don’t let anything hold you back.

But you should know just how psychic you are by birth and this list is here to inform you of that. Evaluate how psychic you are organically, study, research practice, and eventually just keep at it until you’re well enough. One never knows unless one tries. But, hey, some of you probably already know that. With that said, read on to find out how inherently psychic you are.


12. Sagittarius: In matters of the heart, never

Oh, my, Sagittarius talks a good game and has plenty of energy and desire to be psychic, but it’s just won’t happen. By the time the psychic force of life has reached this far down into the zodiac, it’s a bit tough for the fire to stay burning brightly.

While Sagittarius have excellent philosophical skills (in the sense that they can analyze life and all its lessons), but when it comes to being straight up psychic, well, this fire has fizzled out.

And even worse when it comes to seeing the future about their own life, especially their love life. Sagittarius’s can’t read all the red flags in the world. And even with clear danger signs, they still go ahead. It has a lot to do with your natural inclination to experiment with life, the good and the bad, the ups and downs.


11. Aquarius: In touch with the world, but not in a psychic way

The Aquarius bunch are known to be humanitarians and rebels, pioneers and unique thinkers, but that doesn’t make them psychic. The reason being they are too lost inside their own world to go into other dimensions.

Their primary focus is on giving back to the planet and universe, and for them that doesn’t require psychic abilities.

It’s not that they don’t believe in such skills, but they feel that their paths are just a little bit different, and they really revel in that. Aquarius is totally in touch with the arts and people, but they tend to do their collaborations in their own very unusual way.

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While the world might mistake you for someone who could or even should be psychic (because you have a distinct flair), you’re really just a down to earth human seeking a righteous path to enlightenment.

10.Taurus: Rarely, if ever

Taurus is way too grounded to be psychic (sorry, Taurus). That’s because you put your nose to the grindstone and add a little elbow grease, which means you take business as usual. There’s no messing around with other realms or magic for Taurus.

What the Taurus loves is feeling connected to earth, which can hinder their capacity of branching out into nether regions of their self and the world. Psychic abilities can come from nature, no doubt about it, but Taurus is connected to the land in order to work on it, not be spiritually connected to it.

Taurus is all about reaping, sowing, and having, which means not having a much psychic ability at all. Your focus, Taurus, is more of personal gain, and those are usually much more tangible (though not always). But don’t worry Taurus, there’s still a chance to hone your psychic abilities. As long as you broaden your horizons.


9. Libra: Not likely

Libras are too balanced and practical to detect and fall for any mysticism. They are all about being practical. So for you, Libras, the notion of being psychic isn’t rational. Or you might consider it unfair that some people have such an innate ability whereas others don’t. Most Libras aren’t psychic simply because they don’t believe.

And on top of that, they are much more focused on other things, like friends and family. They are way to preoccupied and practical to bother. Thus, you are not likely to gravitate towards mysticism naturally. However, you might have many around you who are into such practice, which can help expose you to the psychic artists.

This can be beneficial to you, Libra, because having such a diverse background of friends can help you master skills if you’re so inclined. If not, there’s nothing wrong about their either.


8. Aries: Not too often, but sometimes

Since Aries is the first sign, much of the universe’s energy passes through this sign first and then makes its way down to the others. Since Aries rules the head and the brain, you are likely to be very tapped into not only your own thoughts but of those around you. You are always thinking and acting on those thoughts.

Being a fire sign helps, too. Fire is the beginning of all life and survival. All fire signs are intuitive, but Aries would be the most intuitive of them all because of the connection to the brain. If Aries is in touch enough with self, they can make huge strides in developing their psychic abilities.

Considering Aries loves spending time alone or independently, there’s time to hone those skills through more practice. But considering how selfish you can be at times, this can at times get in the way of the development because your thoughts are too clouded by what you feel.


7. Gemini: If in tune, maybe

Mercury is a mutable planet and the ruler of Gemini. If Gemini is around other psychics, it’s quite possible that Gemini will start to feel something. This means Geminis have the potential, but environment plays a huge part.

Should Gemini immerse self in the psychic world, there’s a very strong chance that skills can be garnered and used in powerful ways.

Gemini needs to find mystics and read about magic in order to dive into that latent psychic power. Also, Gemini could be several types of psychic and it all depends on who is near to Gemini. Gemini’s pick up things very quickly thanks to Mercury.

6. Leo: In matters of the heart, sometimes

Because Leo is a fire sign, naturally you will have intuition, which can be sometimes perceived as psychic ability. However, it depends on what Leo does with that intuition that determines if it’s put to good use or not.

Because Leos are often focused on themselves, this psychic ability can get lost. But on the other hand, regarding issues of the heart and creativity, Leos can tap their latent psychic abilities in those fields.

What might get in Leo’s way is the need for too much stimulation, which could block certain pathways from opening, or perhaps too many channels are open at once.

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When it comes to matters of the heart, no one knows better than a Leo on what’s really going down. That means even things that happen behind the curtain (or are bound to happen) could all be predicted or by a Leo.


5. Capricorn: A dark ability

Capricorn is known to be all business, but they are also all business about that psychic life. What makes this earth sign different is that it’s represented by earth, the goat, and water, the fish, so there’s so double potency going on inside of Capricorn.

Most of their psychic skills are present since childhood, yet they don’t often talk of them for fear of being outcast. In both waking and dream life, Capricorns have some pretty heavy visions that can lead them to really second guess what this life is all about in the first place.

This might come as a surprise to most considering the serious, even cold, aloof side of Capricorn, but all Capricorns reading this will be nodding their heads in agreement and happy that someone else said this so they didn’t have to.


4. Scorpio: Has strong intuition

Oh yes, here comes the deep, dark, mysterious Scorpio. This is another water sign connected to feelings. No other sign is a deep except maybe Pisces. What you have on your side Scorpio, is the ability to distance yourself for long periods of time to meditate on a situation. Through that space, through that self-reflection, you gain serious psychic powers.

At first, they feel like intuitions, but the longer you spend time with these feelings, alone, or with those who believe in your ability to see into the future, the better you will be at being full-blown psychic.

Also, Scorpios have a tendency to get depressed and bury themselves away from life. But in those quiet solitary moments, you are getting to touch tendrils of a psychic nature. So take advantage of those moments to strengthen your growing psychic ability.


3. Pisces: Oh, yes!

The last of the water signs, and yes, you’ve got it right, Pisces, you are psychic. No more or less than your fellow water signs, but slightly little different. Your psychic abilities will be strongest whenever you’re dreaming.

Pisces is very much at home in the dream world and enjoys spending more time there than most other signs. You dive extra deep to understand the world, yourself, and those around you. There is no other sign more spiritual, and that means you are the epitome of magic. You are a natural healer and the conjurer.

The risk with your sign is that you go so deep that it’s hard to pull you out, or for others to understand you because of the language you use.

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Keep it simple for those who need to receive your energy. Spread your psychic abilities to the world because that’s a gift straight from the universe.


2. Virgo: Indeed

Virgo doesn’t just connect with the natural. You could even say she is the land. In that sense, Virgos could be the personification of Mother Earth. What makes Virgos psychic is the ability to be in touch with the surrounding environment, which helps them get a clearer picture.

Virgos are detail oriented, too, and can and will read the signs in the minutes of places. That which isn’t normally seen by others will be picked up on by a Virgo.

Plus, Virgos are connect pretty well with plants and animals, which give a whole other level of psychic ability not available to any other zodiac sign.

Like the maternal Cancer, Virgo, too, has a gut feeling that she follows closely. Don’t try to pull one over on a Virgo, because all universal energies will manifest to reveal the truth to her with a swiftly.


1. Cancer: The most psychic of them all

Here is where true magic gets put to the test. Cancers are the most psychic out of all signs for several reasons. First of all, Cancers are the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, some would even call them empaths.

This plays a major role in how they feel about a situation or people – they are even good at reading people’s thoughts just by feeling.

That’s how connected they are. Second, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is the source of magic and manifestations, which boosts the psychic strength of Cancer’s abilities.

And finally, Cancers are influenced by their stomachs. So that old saying about trusting your gut applies directly to Cancers. They will inherently know even if they can’t provide an explanation, and that’s got everything to do with instinct. Cancers are also maternal, and we all know how mama knows everything, even the stuff we try to keep a secret.

Source: Inner Intuitions


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