These 3 Signs Need To Stay Strong As They Are In For A Rough Week

These-3-Signs-Need-To-Stay-Strong-As-They-Are-In-For-A-Rough-Week.jpgI know, I know. The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult, and by now, you’re probably beyond emotionally exhausted.

With one ridiculously intense season of eclipses followed directly by a very rude and inconsiderate Mercury retrograde, you might be wondering if things will ever get better.

Well, the good news is, of course, they will. In fact, they already are. Since Mercury is finally beginning the process of moving directly once again, you are being relieved from a significant chunk of the cosmic chaos.

However, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet, because as of August 20, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn. If your rising sign lies under any of the following, you might feel the pain at an even deeper level.

Even though Mercury retrograde is over, we’re all still dealing with something that could potentially be an even more frustrating astrological whirlwind: Mars retrograde.

Since this is the planet that rules over aggression, power, sex, and your basic instincts, you’ll probably feel its dizzying effects hit you on several different levels, especially if you’re one of these zodiac signs.

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If you’re feeling frustrated already, I hope you take comfort in the fact that this will be the last week of Mars retrograde after an entire summer of taking its punches.



Have you been feeling like you’re not sure where your career is going lately? Do you feel unsatisfied with your achievements at the moment? If so, you can definitely blame it on Mars retrograde.

Since Mars is your ruling planet, you’re feeling its irritating effects on a much harsher level than most. Taking place in your 10th house of career, you may be having difficulty connecting with the fire that fuels your motivation.

You may also be noticing certain issues from your past cropping up once again. Is there a recurring problem at work? Are you having issues with your boss? Is your work unfulfilling? These retrogrades bring you back in time so that you can deal with these issues head-on. Procrastinate no longer.


Your third house of communication, cognitive function, and expression are all out of whack, thanks to Mars retrograde.

Because it just so happens that Mars is your ruling planet (along with Pluto, which is also in retrograde), this retrograde a way bigger pain for you than anyone else could even begin to comprehend.

Are you having difficulty avoiding arguments? Are you feeling way more touchy and irritable lately, especially during conversations? Well, Mars is a touchy planet in general, so all this backward energy is probably really annoying you lately.

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However, it’s during this retrograde that you’ll probably be faced with difficult conversations that you’ve experienced in the past, almost as if you’re taking a trip back in time. Whatever resurfaces still has not been dealt with, so take this opportunity to set things straight.



Here’s the thing: Not only is Mars in retrograde, but Mars has moved from Aquarius all the way back into Capricorn, the sign it was in from March to May. Does it suddenly feel like you’ve reverted back into the state you were in all those months ago?

Do you feel like you’re taking one step forward and three steps backward? Well, that’s because this retrograde is affecting you in your first house of the self, meaning that it is here to put every aspect of your identity in jeopardy.

However, you should take advantage of this strange and stagnant energy and use it to look inward and sort out your thoughts and feelings.

You’ve got decisions to make, and they’re not going anywhere until you make them. Understand that you’re undergoing some serious growing pains, but soon, it will all be worth it.


via Elite Daily


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