This is How the Full Moon in Aries Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

This-is-How-the-Full-Moon-in-Aries-Will-Affect-Your-Zodiac-Sign.jpgOctober is announced with two great Trigons: a Fire Trigon, formed by the North Node at 23 ° of the Leo, Saturn at 22 ° of Sagittarius and Uranus at 27 ° of Aries, and a Trigon of Earth that interests Venus, Mars, Pluto and the asteroid Pallade Athena.

The Great Trigon of Fire gives inspiration, creativity and foresight, especially to those who have planets between the 22nd and 28th degrees of fire.

You will feel more creative and eager to bring freedom and innovation into your life.

The Great Trigon of Earth involves instead Venus and Mars, joined at 19 ° of the Virgin, trigon in Pluto, located at 16 ° of Capricorn, while Pallade Atena is 11 ° of the sign of Taurus.

I remind you that this asteroid is the archetype of wisdom, courage, strategic skill, and mental faculties.

If you have planets or corners of the birthday card between 16 and 19 ° of earth signs, in particular Virgo and Capricorn, this configuration will bring you great success, especially in the financial sphere.

To all, the presence of the two great trigons makes possible the practical, concrete and material (land) manifestation of new ideas (fire).

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The energy of the week is well represented by the Full Moon, which will be formed on Thursday, October 5 at 20.40: the moon will be in Aries at 12 ° 42 ‘, opposite to the Sun in Libra.

In addition, the Full Moon often illuminates an area that was previously in the shadows, which brings to light something secret or ignored.

In this case, the luminaries are squared with Pluto: on the one hand, Aries indicates courage, the desire to be pioneers, independent and determined to achieve goals and on the other hand there are Sun and Mercury joint, and Jupiter in Libra, which represent equilibrium, equality, equity, collaboration and harmony.

Beware therefore of the dynamics of power and manipulation staged in the relationships, especially if you are interested in the fifth and seventh home of your native theme.

Be vigilant, listen carefully. Observe feelings and emotions that will be particularly strong these days, and remember that you can learn how to handle them. Ask yourself what you can learn from what’s going on and what wounds have been activated in you.

Let’s now see the message of these heavenly passages for each zodiacal sign:



If you want more from the person you face, if you feel misunderstood, attacked, underestimated, do not think you can do something to change your behavior, nor do you hope that by going away, the problem will be resolved.

Everything is within you, what you see is just your reflected image.

That person is telling you what to change in you: you are asking yourself to have more respect for yourself, and to give you the right value.




Take care of yourself. Pay attention to your body signals, stop if you need to recover your strength, do physical activity to relieve tension.

Put yourself in the hands of an expert if you feel you need it.

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Make yourself beautiful! You want to enjoy life, the little things that give it taste, the company of the people you love: if your body supports you, nothing stops you and the joy will be even bigger.




You do not have to ALWAYS be moving.

For a moment, stop and listen instead of talking. In recent times, you’ve left messages, and you have more and more opportunities to satisfy a deep curiosity. 

I repeat: deep. Forget the intolerance now, and take care of what you have gained: if you will appreciate it, you will open the doors tomorrow.

Password: SILENCE



If you notice the light you have inside, you can enlighten any place.

But if you persist in living in a box, and adapting to the label that is attached to it, you will never know who you are. Some of you have already chosen to vibrate.

Someone finds it too difficult, and is in the box, uncomfortable and unhappy, believing that the blame is in the world. But there is no prize for anyone who has learned to live in the dark.

Word of mouth: DISTINCTION

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