Take Advantage Of The Transcendental Portal Before It’s Too Late!

Transcendental Portal

If you are feeling a little lost right now, you aren’t the only one. And while you may have thought to blame it on a number of things, if you haven’t realized it yet- we are in the midst of a major transformational portal.

Just last month, we experienced a super full moon in Libra. And on April 19, we will experience yet another full moon in Libra. However, what makes this a remarkable transformational astrological event is the Aries new moon on April 5th. With the two full moons associated with the sign of justice, judgment, and balance, the intuitive moon is forcing us to take a look at our lives to reassess the lives we are leading.

It is due time for many of us to finally take the plunge and change our lives before it is too late. Sandwiched somewhere in-between, the new moon in Aries allows the meditative spirit to truly decide whether we are ready to take this plunge. While all of us may not be in need of a major energetic change in our lives, this energy will affect all of us in one way or another.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the new moon in Aries is the best time for manifesting our desire. Quiet your ego, and take a moment to understand the goals and wishes you need to focus on for the advancement of your soul. However, don’t get lost in an illusion created by your pride. Oftentimes, we focus our energy on a goal that is actually toxic, while ignoring the obviously needed change.

Use this time to meditate and focus your transcendence on a positive outcome. The universe will typically push us in the right direction if we are paying attention and staying aware of the intentions we imminent. Cut any doubt standing in your way by asking the universe to guide you and give you the answers you seek.

This portal will come to a close as the April full moon in Libra ends, and if you don’t work with this astrological energy, it may work against you as the universe has a way of thrusting us into a world of chaos, if only to teach us a lesson. What will you do to take advantage of this transcendental portal?


This was originally published by Awareness Act.


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