When Is Leo Season & What Each Planet Means When In The Fifth House Of Astrology

leo season

Get ready, lions! It’s your time to shine!

Leo Season happens each year from July 23 to August 22.

Leo Can you hear that? It sounds like thousands of fierce ladies getting ready to roar!

The summer reaches its hottest temperatures, our tans are finally consistently developed, and we celebrate all that Leos bring to this world!

It celebrates the most regal, majestic, confident, and passionate sign. Leos are some of the most determined people.

A few facts about Leo zodiac signs that are good to know:

1. They take clear stands on issues.

A Leo personality type will not budge or back down when provoked. If they feel drawn or attracted to someone, they will not back down until they get them.

2. They love to have fun.

Leos are always down for a good time. They bring the party with them, no matter where they end up.

3. Lions are loyal.

Dating a Leo means you never have to worry about loyalty and passion.

They are never known to be cheaters, both emotionally and physically. When they give someone their trust, they keep it there.

4. Leos are giant softies with claws.

Because they have the ferocity of a lion, Leos are often very guarded with the more vulnerable emotions.

They don’t like it when other people see them upset or crying. So, Leos really need their space.

5. They love lots of down time.

Although most Leos aren’t introverts, they think best when in bed.

We should all respect that; it is their time to shine after all!

6. Charisma is their middle name.

Leos are masters of charm and eloquence. They are great public speakers and performers.

They are incredibly creative and inspire everyone around them to be expressive and unique.

If you have been lucky enough to invite a Leo in your life, keep them there!

7. They always have your back.

They are some of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet!

Planets when in the sign of Leo take on the personalities of the 5th house in astrology.

Each planet represents a different time and aspect of life. They are the driving force behind each sign’s needs and wants.

They are representative of the overall themes of each sign’s personality. Here is what each planet means in Leo.

Sun in Leo

The Sun, in astrology, represents your truest self. It is the core basis of your personality. It is your sign.

Leos are ruled by the Sun. It gives them their fire and competitive drive. They love to be recognized for who they are.

They are motivated to experience all aspects of life.

They are outgoing and radiant, just like the Sun!

The Sun gifts Leos with a natural inclination to lead others. Barack Obama is a Leo, and he was the leader of this country for 8 years! Makes sense.

Moon in Leo

The Moon represents your inner emotions and expressions. It is responsible for all of the underlying subconscious feelings you have.

The Moon in Leo means you are enthusiastic and optimistic.

Having the underlying basis behind your personality be a fire sign gives you the perfect amount of inner drive, even if you aren’t as expressive of it.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury is responsible for your ability to communicate effectively. It is the translator between you and the other signs. In Greek mythology, Mercury was a messenger.

This is why we feel a disconnect with others when Mercury is in retrograde.

Those with Mercury in Leo always speak with command and authority. They are specific and expressive.

They have a mature cadence to their words. They may come off as all-knowing to others, but deep down they are genuine and researchful in their preparation.

Venus in Leo

Venus is representative of the strength and health of our interpersonal relationships. The planet encompasses love, sensuality, beauty, and comfort.

Those with Venus in Leo are devoted lovers.

They like to take relationships in the old fashion way. They like to go on dates and learn about the other person before jumping right into sexual expression.

When they feel the relationship has reached a comfortably compassionate level, their sexual expression is loud and proud.

They like to take charge in the bedroom. Most of all, Venus in Leo is a loyal lover. They are completely devoted to the person they become involved with.

Mars in Leo

Mars is the ruler of our primitive actions. It controls our desires, impulses, and aggression. Mars is that personal drive that gets us out of bed each morning. It is different from the drive of the Sun, which is more of a drive of will.

Those with Mars in Leo feel an intense creative passion.

They are strong-willed and expressive of their emotions. They are focused on fulfilling their celestial calling; they know their purpose in life.

They have some of the strongest sexual urges and desires out of all other Mars positionings. If you happen to stumble into the sheets with a Mars in Leo, get ready for the night of your life!

Jupiter in Leo

Because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it should come as no surprise that it is representative of success, expansion, and knowledge.

Jupiter in Leo individuals get the most return investment when they direct their energy to others.

That is, they reap the best rewards when they put others first. With a Fire sign Jupiter, you are likely to feel very strongly about your personal convictions.

You’ll feel a more personal offense when people disagree with your opinions.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn controls restriction and control. It is the ruler of boundaries and responsibility. Saturn in Leo means that you may feel adversity to expressing your passions and desires.

You are likely to be shy and reserved in public settings, but the firey characteristics of Leo are still within you.

Saturn challenges you to dig deep and abandon your fears of creative expression. Connect with your opinions and work to ignore the voices of self-doubt.

Uranus in Leo

Uranus is the ruler of the future. It is concerned with moving forward and expanding to new territories. It is keen on technology and discovery.

People with Uranus in Leo are excited by new trends and improvement.

They like radical changes in art and drama. They are willing to take risks in the name of self-expression, regardless of the ways it may be received.

Neptune in Leo

Neptune in Leo is courage to be who you are and to pursue dreams with without any fear.

Neptune is representative of inspiration. It is the ruler of spirituality and youth. It dominates through intuition and compassion.

There are not many Neptune in Leo people still alive today.

It takes almost 165 for Neptune to complete its orbit. Those with this planet placement see a higher presence of their personal dreams and desires. They strive for unity through energetic dramatics.

Pluto in Leo

Pluto in Leo accelerates the driven desires of Leo. It demands change and incites positivity.

The generation of Pluto in Leo is powerful, determined, strong-willed, and resilient.

Pluto represents transformation. It is powerful in the subconscious, underlying forces of the sign. It is concerned with renewal and rebirth. When Pluto passes through a sign, we can see a purge of destruction and negative forces.


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