Where You Experience The Most Luck In Your Life, According To Your Jupiter Placement


Each planet in astrology has a personality and a power. When it comes to Jupiter — planet of adventure, philosophy, and expansion — there’s no way you’ll miss it. When Jupiter enters the building, the world can’t help but notice. Jupiter’s personality is larger than life, overly enthusiastic, indulgent, and optimistic. This planet arrives with flying colors and never fails to get the party started.

In fact, you can even discover where you experience the most luck in your life, according to your Jupiter placement. Just input your time, date, and place of birth into a birth chart calculator to discover which of the 12 astrological houses your Jupiter falls into.

Now, not every astrologer considers Jupiter lucky, and it’s totally understandable why. Whatever Jupiter touches, it inevitably makes bigger. This is why Jupiter is also known for potentially being gluttonous, over the top, and a little too “extra,” if you know what I mean.

However, because Jupiter is all about growth, embellishment, and forward-thinking, it can’t help but sprinkle a little fairy dust onto your birth chart and grace you with some cosmic gifts. Jupiter is a teacher and an endless source of positive reinforcement. This planet wants you to know you can always go the distance.

If you’re wondering what aspect of your life tends to flow with abundance and ease, study the nature of Jupiter in your birth chart.

If Jupiter is on Your First House

You light up a room the moment you enter it. Your bright and lively aura is infectious to all who surround you. You see yourself in a positive light and personal improvement comes so naturally to you. Living in the moment is what you do best and you see the good in everyone. People may refer to you as someone who has a “big personality.”

If Jupiter is on Your Second House

You attract wealth and luxury with ease. People marvel at how easily money flows your way. You’re excellent at forming a financial safety net for yourself and establishing stability throughout all facets of your life. Maintaining self-respect comes naturally to you and it’s difficult for someone to take advantage of you.

If Jupiter is on Your Third House

You’re a natural brainiac and an effortless intellect. Solving problems and puzzles is beyond easy for you. You’re an incredibly fast learner, someone who has a genius way with words, and you’re always thinking a few steps ahead. You can talk your way out of anything and people become entranced with you whenever you speak.

If Jupiter is on Your Fourth House

You have an incredibly rich home life. In fact, people may constantly tell you how amazing your family is. You attract love, care, and hospitality wherever you go. Creating a home that is beautiful, safe, and happy comes naturally to you. You tend to overcome familial challenges with ease and your bond is stronger than anything.

If Jupiter is on Your Fifth House

You have a natural artistic talent and self-expression is at the core of who you are. You tend to be lucky in love and friendship. Embracing joy is easy for you, even through difficult circumstances. Creativity leads you through life and children tend to love being around you. In fact, you’ll probably have a great relationship with your own kids.

If Jupiter is on Your Sixth House

You get lots of work done and people are always so impressed by how productive you are. Your daily routine is marked by organization and efficiency. No task is too daunting for you to accomplish and you’re one of the first people to lend a helping hand. You also tend to have an easy time maintaining your health and fitness.

If Jupiter is on Your Seventh House

It’s easy for you to have excellent and fulfilling one-on-one relationships. The people you meet and become close to tend to have a seriously positive impact on your life. Whether your relationship is a business partnership, a friendship, or a marriage, you’re great at working through problems and learning from each other.

If Jupiter is on Your Eighth House

It’s highly likely that you may come into large amounts of unexpected money throughout your life. You’re lucky when it comes to paying off debts. You’re also naturally intuitive and capable of forming close emotional bonds with others. Passion is your strong suit and you feel very deeply about things you care about.

If Jupiter is on Your Ninth House

Travel opportunities may be abundant during your lifetime. Being able to visit exotic locations all over the world comes naturally to you. You likely have many friends from lots of different cultural backgrounds and you always have a strong sense of faith. You’re talented when it comes to academic pursuit and you’re an excellent teacher.

If Jupiter is on Your 10th House

You’re a go-getter and accomplishment comes naturally to you. There’s a higher chance you’ll receive great praise in this lifetime, possibly even fame. If you have your sights set on something, you manifest your dreams into reality with ease. You’re rarely ever on the losing side and you know how to turn lemons into lemonade.

If Jupiter is on Your 11th House

You came into this world with a sparkling social life. It’s beyond easy for you to make friends and your networking abilities will bring amazing opportunities into your life. You have a natural leadership ability and it’s easy for you to care about philanthropy and spearhead great causes. You can truly make the world a better place.

If Jupiter is on Your 12th House

It’s highly likely that you have psychic abilities. Your intuition is incredibly fine-tuned and your imagination is always bursting with color. It’s easy for you to connect with your spiritual side through solitude, meditation, and ritual. There’s something magical about you, and luck finds you in the most unexpected situations.


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