Zodiac Tarot Manifestation Reading for January 2019

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Balance is the mantra for you this month. Bringing balance in your turmoiled emotions and thoughts will clean the energy around you and will bring in the required manifestation.

It seems there are chances of heartbreak and your expectation may not be met. It’s better to believe in yourself rather than placing your trust on others. Trusting your intuition will be important now.

Angels are asking you the first month of 2019 to let go off anything that’s not serving for your highest good. Forget who you are/were and focus on who you and to be and knowing that you already are.

Bring in alignment, in balance the nature of your dreams to manifesting them in reality.

Mantra: I AM starting a new chapter of my life with balance and alignment in every aspect, now.

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Clear boundaries are required this month. There may be a lot of things going on for you this month and so your focus and concentration in everything that is a priority is important.

Alignment and healing your chakras is important. You are manifesting and attracting energies and people who’ll be helping you in various pursuits this month will come to you off their own accord.

Be conscious of your thoughts, because whatever you will intent this month will work for you the whole year. So be very alert and try to align with everything you want. This is an amazing time for you.

Mantra: I AM creating my dream life, now & always.


There is a new horizon for you to explore and look forward to. Your focus and your determined attention to your dreams will change things for you.

New ideas and new opportunities are coming to you while you prepare for your rise and shine. It seems that the Universe is providing you with everything required as you are shown your life path and purpose.

Everything is falling into the right place for you and you will see that things are getting aligned. Be open and willing to receive blessings from the universe knowing that this year is going to be a great one for you.

Mantra: I believe in the universe and its plan for my happiness.


This is your time to heal and accept. The path that you’ve chosen has a purpose to it, discover the purpose and analyze the facts of life just to re-align yourself to the ultimate reality.

You are growing and grounding as both are important. Firmly fix your being in this reality and work to manifest the higher frequencies of your dreams and goals thus opening the gateways to happiness.

Self-analysis and self-care is of utmost importance now.

Mantra: I AM living my dream reality, now & forever.


How are you experiencing life this month, what are you thinking and which thoughts are now mirroring your action? The trigger that is driving you this month is your cue of changes and expansion.

This card is asking you to look closely at what experiences or people are currently triggering in you and what they could be mirroring back to you.

Trigger is the point through which your Angels & Spirit Guides rise in your life. The triggers you are feeling is also something that’s showing you what you need to change or need to analyze.

Mantra: I AM welcoming the changes and the successful results its delivering in my life.


It’s the first step for you. January will give you many open doorways to move forward and the trick will lie upon you to make the move.

It’s important right now to not be afraid of any situation that has still not cropped up in your life. Never believe in the wrong but the light and the right.

Your believe and trust placed at the right place will have you go great lengths.

You are being pushed to a new reality which you are creating.

Mantra: I AM open to the universal abundance.


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