Blue Aura People

Blue Aura PeopleBlue aura people are the most caring, supportive and protective personalities in the color spectrum. They live by the hearts and emotions.

The purpose of their life is to serve and love others. They teach humanity that without love nothing else matters. They are on this planet to serve humanity. Blue auras are introverted, friendly, loving and sincere.

Their motivation is to serve and help others, to receive love, attention and affection. They develop their ideas and concepts driven more by their feelings and intuition rather than spiritual terms.

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As a result, the blue individuals do not feel comfortable in highly intellectual topics discussions. Blue individuals are the most emotional of all the colorful personalities.


Social life of The Blue Aura People

Blue aura people are happy to be around people all the time. They are very social, perfect benefactors and assistants who are always interested in the needs of others.

Those characteristics allow them to be loving and serving the family or friends. Blue figures are found in all areas of society, where is necessary service and maintenance.

The biggest gift for those loving people is help and support of family and friends. They are family oriented people who love to be with their partners, children or friends. Blue auras have friends for life.

Once they really like someone, they will not forget it, even if they have not more close contact with him. They will write letters, will send cards or will invent some other way to express their love and appreciation.


Career and Finances of The Blue Aura Personality

Blue aura people are not very interested in money. Emotional and spiritual values are far more important and play a much greater role in their lives. They are careful with the money and have a more conservative approach to them.

They have to make sure that they will cover all their costs and needs and do not usually take financial risks. Blue people are born nurses, caregivers, counselors, and therapists. They are also very good listeners and are easily adjustable to the feelings and thoughts of others.

If the blue people choose a profession that does not provide these opportunities, they are usually the pleasant guy who serves us. They are the person that you can go if you have any problems or want to relax from any emotional disturbance.

Typical professions for people with blue aura are nurse, a guard, priest, nun, housewife, mother, nanny, social worker, counselor, teacher, therapist, adviser, healer, secretary, accountant, personal manager and volunteer.


Health and Development of the Blue Aura

Blue aura personalities must learn the difficult lesson to love themselves. If they manage to overcome their biggest fear, which is not to be loved and to be alone, they can freely express their deep feelings and then to live compassionate, happy and fulfilled life.

Blues need a lot of time for themselves. They love to be in a relaxed atmosphere, listen to harmonious music or just sit in a quiet room.

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To be alone is relaxing and allows them to go in their self. Providing peace and quiet are important things in order to find their purpose in life.

Meditation and prayer are the most important and powerful tools that can be used to achieve inner peace and happiness and recharge their vital energy. Going to church or group meditation is an excellent way to engage like-minded people in a spiritual way of life.




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