The Seven Layers Of The Aura


Etheric Double – The Fifth Layer of the Aura

Etheric double - the fifth layer of the aura

Etheric double – the fifth layer of the aura

Etheric double is the fifth layer of the aura and is associated with aspects of the physical body. There is a connection with the fifth chakra (throat). This layer is a mirror of the ether layer, and further comprising all the forms physical body.


5th Layer: Etheric Double
  • Fifth from the physical body
  • Represents the entire blueprint of the body that exists on this physical plane
  • Includes everything you create on this physical level including your identity, personality and overall energy
  • Connected to the throat chakra
  • Can vary in color
  • Healed and made stronger by expressing your truth and knowing who you truly are


Functions of the Etheric Double

Ethereal counterpart contains all forms of physical layers, something like their drawing. In the etheric double sound can create matter, so use of healing sounds can affect this layer by changing the mechanical vibration of the double.

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Diseases can be monitored and treated in this layer, and be passed down to the physical body.


Form and Structure of the Etheric Double

It extends from 30 to 60 centimeters from the body and is usually seen as a blue color of cobalt background. Like the first layer, it is a negative-image of all organs and the lower layers. So it gives form to the physical body.


Stimulating the Etheric Double

Etheric double is activated by sound.

Reacts to the blue note and “g” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.



Celestial Body – The Sixth Layer of the Aura

Celestial body - the sixth layer of the aura

Celestial body – the sixth layer of the aura

Celestial body is the sixth layer of the aura and is associated with enlightenment. There is a connection with the sixth chakra (third eye).

It consists of light, also known as visceral level, where we have access to higher intellectual knowledge, wisdom and information available to the collective consciousness.

6th Layer: Celestial 
  • Sixth from the physical body
  • Connected to the third eye chakra
  • Carries a very strong and powerful vibration
  • Represents the connection to the Divine and all other beings
  • Where unconditional love and feelings of oneness flow
  • Pearly white in color
  • When strong, the person may have the ability to communicate with the spirit world and receive angelic messages
  • Can be healed with unconditional love


Functions of the Celestial Body

This layer gives access to higher and feelings, thoughts and manifestations. This is the level at which we experience spiritual ecstasy.

This is the layer that expresses the relationship with God, the Creator and unconditional love. When this body is developed through raising awareness, personal growth and creative visualization, it can be extremely powerful in connecting us with our purpose in life and to lot of strength and balanced perspective.


Form and Structure of Celestial Body

Celestial body is 80 to 90 cm from the body.

It is difficult to see because its colors seem pretty brilliant light pastel colors and no particular form.

This light has a gold-silver shine. This layer is quite different from the etheric double and consists of multiple beams of light.


Stimulating the Celestial Body

Celestial Body awareness can be stimulated through meditation and transformation. When we achieve it, we understand our relationship with the universe. We begin to see light and love in everything that exists. When we feel that we are one with the universe, then we raise our consciousness to the sixth level of the aura.

Responds to indigo color and note “a” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.


Ketheric Template – The Seventh Layer of the Aura

Causal body - the seventh layer of the aura

Causal body – the seventh layer of the aura


Ketheric Template is the seventh layer of the aura and is associated with the divine and universal consciousness. There is a connection with the seventh chakra (crown).

It contains the plan of life or “soul contract and reflects all the expertise and experiences that the soul has passed during the current life.

7th Layer: Ketheric Template 
  • Furthest away from the physical body (estimated around 2-3 ft. away)
  • Represents the feeling of being one with the Universe
  • Holds all the information about your soul and previous lifetimes
  • Vibrates at the highest frequency
  • Connected to the crown chakra
  • Gold in color
  • Rapidly pulsates
  • When strong, gives you the ability to surrender to the path of the Divine and can help increase psychic abilities


Functions of the Ketheric Template

Causal body refers to our current incarnation and contains the structure of the physical body and all chakras. It is the most pure form and builds the relationship with the Divine Creator, “Everything is.”

In other words, this is where we become one with the universe. This layer is of such a level, that can not be experienced by limiting the perspective of your ego. This is the strongest and most resistant layer of aura.


Form and Structure of the Ketheric Template

Causal body extends about one meter around the body and is composed of fine golden threads of light. It has the shape of an egg.

The outer part is healthy and sustainable. On the outside of visible light colored bands known as bands of past lives.

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For less evolved people this layer is collapsed. This layer is the most intensive energy.

Very few people claim to be able to see this layer of aura.


Stimulating the causal body

Causal body is stimulated by specific techniques of meditation.

Responds to violet color and note “h” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.

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Source: From The Book “Hands of Light” Of Barbara Ann Brennan

Barbara Ann BrennanBarbara Ann Brennan is an American author, physicist, spiritual healer, businesswoman and teacher working in the field of energy healing. In 2011, she was listed by the Watkins Review as the 94th most spiritually influential person in the world


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