Pink Aura People

Pink Aura People

Pink Aura people are mentally free to explore new opportunities, concepts, and realities. Their minds are functioning without any restrictions.

Whatever you imagine is possible and real. This unique capability allows them to produce new, creative and often “distant” ideas. They believe that “Life is a world of fantasy where dreams come true.”

Those fantasy oriented pink individuals enjoy the soft, meditative music, candles, incense, meditation and rhythmic sounds of chants.

They also have access to the spiritual and ethereal energy that can be used to treat. They believe that their intuition and their inner guidance, which is sometimes called “guardian angel” will support them on their way.

Lavender individuals have strong physical bodies. As a result, they live more in his inner world than in the physical reality, they do not like to face reality.

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Physical reality that most people seem to perceive for the pink persons is cold, rough, even brutal. So they look for situations in which life is light, easy, nice and charming.


Social Life of The Pink Aura People

On the one hand, pink personalities are well accepted by society because they are stimulating, creative and filled with wonder and imagination.

They are particularly recognized and appreciated when dealing with art or performing professions. On the other hand, pink aura people sometimes are irresponsible and unreliable. They tend to be distracted and have a bad memory.

Pink aura people will forget about reservations or decide to change their plans without notifying their partners or friends.

Normal behavior for a pink personality is to get out of their chair, to go to the other room and then to admit that he doesn’t know what he’s doing there, or drive his car for ten minutes, not knowing where he was going.

Many friends, partners, and employees can not get used to this their unpredictable behavior.


Career and Finances of The Pink Aura Personality

Pink auras will be found where necessary creative imagination, fantasy and free thinking is needed. They are often writers, actors, artists, people who are free to explore their creativity and turn fantasies and dreams into reality.

Through their visual and imaginative styles, they have the unique ability to be transported into a fantasy world that is alive and full of feelings, sensations, and sounds.

If the pink auras are healers or therapists, they are able to use their psychic and spiritual knowledge for the mind and inner worlds of others and to help them.

Typical professions for people with pink aura are artists, writers, actors, dancers, designers, decorators, teachers, spiritual teachers, healers and others.


Health and Development of The Pink Aura

The Pink aura people need to escape in their world of dreams for the same reason that most people need to sleep. They need time to relax, so they can dream and play with their imagination. This helps them to relax and recover from the stress of the world.

The creation of a peaceful environment where they are free to spend a lot of time to think, imagine and create new dreams and fantastic worlds is essential for the pink auras.

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The pink aura personalities are not very attached to their bodies. Since they are often not grounded, they should regularly take care of their body.

Exercise, such as walking, swimming, gardening and other forms of physical activity will help them stay in contact with their body. If the pink auras remain grounded in their body, means that they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Using their imagination to heal is a powerful tool with which pink auras treat themselves and others. The Pink aura love the sacred and divine atmosphere and space with incense, candles, lights, colors, and music




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