Violet Aura People

Violet Aura PeopleThe violet aura people have knowledge and intuition. They have the physical strength and resources necessary to make changes in their own lives and in the lives of people.

Violet individuals combine the qualities of blue and red aura in a new level of existence and vibration. The violet auras are dreamers, futuristic and have high ideals and hopes for the future. They can usually see and recognize the “big picture” of every situation, without giving details.

They can literally see the future accidents before they happen. They mainly perceive life through their “third eye” or “inner vision.”

Violet individuals usually have a strong and powerful physical body and excessive physical energy. They should release their physical strength through sports or other exercises.

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Thanks to their strong mind, relaxation is often a good way to release the physical and mental tension. Flexible violet personality, experiencing life like magic and likes to be in a constant state of transformation and change.


Social life of the Violet Aura People

Violet aura personalities often seem anti-social. They are far more interested in significant or deep conversations or important projects and ideas than just going out with friends and talk about worthless or unimportant topics.

Violet auras are primarily involved in the realization of their own visions and focus on their own creativity.

This often creates a distance between themselves and other people, including their partners and close friends. For them it is important to go out of their cave when they have to have some fun and enjoy the beauty of life.


Career and Finances of the Violet Aura

Violet aura people need to be creative and express their vision for the future innovative ideas. No matter in what field of activity they work, they will find new solutions to work more effectively.

They do not need a lot of money for their personal use. Enjoy the luxury they provide, but perceive the money as an instrument of power and influence.

They enable them to fulfill their dreams and visions. Money gives the violet auras the power and freedom to make major changes on this planet. Violet people understand that in our society you must have money to be influential. They are very careful with their money. Sometimes seen as selfish and greedy.

Violet auras are born leaders. If they use their charismatic leadership skills for humanitarian projects rather than a selfish purpose, people will perceive their strong autocratic and dictatorial style.

Typical professions for the people with violet aura are an actor, musician, artist, author, teacher, designer, filmmaker, photographer, psychologist, social worker, spiritual teacher, politician, inventor, businessman, and others.


Health and Development of the Violet Personality

Violet aura people feel an inner tension, something that pushes them forward to finding and fulfilling their deepest visions. They will not be happy if constantly block this inner urge of fulfilling their missions and visions.

Violet auras must confront their guilt and unworthiness. If they understand their vision and are connected to the universe, they will release the guilt in themselves and will focus on the beautiful and promising future.

For them is important to take time for themselves and to meditate. This helps them to come into contact with their inner visions.

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Deep meditation, tantra, yoga and listening to harmonious music are energizing them to connect with the flow of universal life energy and Wearing or encirclement with the violet can help them to be more centered and powerful.

Violet auras must pay particular attention their love life. Finding a passionate, loving and supportive partner is essential to their success.




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