Valentine’s Day 2019: 5 Crystals For Heart Healing and Love Vibes


Friends and lovers, as you know, there’s a certain holiday coming up that has to do with relationships and romance and ~being in love~ and all that cute stuff. You know the one: It’s Valentine’s Day 2019.

And whether you’re in the midst of manifesting a major love fest for yourself and your significant other or you’re just trying to nurse a heartbreak, wear all black, and forget this holiday even exists, there’s always room for a little metaphysical healing to help open up your heart chakra.

That said, if you’re looking to make your love life a lil’ more magical and get ~love stoned~ in preparation for Feb. 14, I’ve gathered up all the best crystals for Valentine’s Day that you should use to do so. (Get it? Love stoned? OK, sorry.)

On a serious note, people have touted the purported healing properties of crystal for centuries — and there are many crystals out there that are believed to be super effective when it comes to helping open our hearts to love, work through lingering heartaches, and enhance the loving bond in a current relationship.

If you’re working with crystals that you already have, know that almost any pink-colored crystal is going to be an effective love-amplifying and heart-healing stone, as pink is a calming, nurturing, and love-attracting color.

Green-colored crystals can also generally be used in working on matters of the heart, as green is the color associated with our heart chakra, which represents compassion, self-love, and love for others.

Plus, nothing looks more romantic on a love altar alongside some roses than a gorgeous, love-amplifying crystal, so make your V-Day a lil’ more sparkly with crystal healing. If you’re looking for a stone to help with a specific love-related matter, here are five crystals to use for Valentine’s Day 2019 that are perfect for heart healing, love manifesting, and relationship-strengthening — or all of the above!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Stone, crystals

Rose Quartz Stone | Source: Energy Muse

A rose quartz by any other name would smell (or vibe?) as sweet — and that’s why this very pink and very classic love stone kicks off the list.

Rose quartz is the quintessential crystal for all things related to love, compassion, and matters of the heart — in regards to your relationships to others and to yourself. Its gentle, loving, heart-soothing energy will help you feel the romance and give you a confidence and self-love boost, too.

How to use it: Rose quartz is amazing for amplifying the vibrations of any positive affirmations, so use it along with a love-affirming chant. Sounds cheesy, but try it! Sit in a comfortable position and hold the crystal in your hands.

Say aloud a positive affirmation about love (For example, “I radiate pure love and I receive pure love in return” — or you know, whatever you’re feeling!) and visualize the rose quartz’s pink and loving energy surrounding you like an aura. Repeat the chant at least 10 times — or until you stop feeling self-conscious about it and start believing it. That’s when affirmations get really effective!


Rainbow Moonstone Touchstone, crystals

Rainbow Moonstone Touchstone | Source: Energy Muse

Moonstone, with its ethereal glow and colorful iridescence, is the ultimate dreamy stone for anyone inviting love into their life — or wanting to energetically connect with their lover. “Moonstone is … the stone of love and eroticism, stimulating the kundalini energy and carnal desires,” wrote Crystal Vaults.

“Moonstone opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love.” This stone is also connected to the moon goddess, which represents feminine power — so it’s the perfect stone for stepping into your own Valentine’s Day goddess energy.

How to use it: If you can get your hands on 13 moonstones (which can represent the 13 moon cycles we usually have per year), create a sexy, supercharged crystal grid in your bedroom for you and your significant other.

“[F]or fidelity or fertility, make a grid of thirteen Moonstone crystals with a circle of the twelve months around a bedroom, and one centered under the bed,” wrote Crystal Vaults. If you only have a single stone, place it under your bed to be near you through the night, as that’s when this crystal is most activated.


Rhodochrosite Cabochons, crystals

Rhodochrosite Cabochons | Source: Healing Crystals

If you’re manifesting some sweet and fresh energy into your love life, especially if you’ve been burned in the past, this crystal is a must-have. “Rhodochrosite is a great stone for calling a new love into one’s life,” explained Crystal Vaults. “[It] can beautifully guide one in the quest for emotional happiness, help one move forward after a period of doubt, and express love toward others without fear of rejection.

How to use it: Rhodochrosite is reportedly very powerful when taken internally as a crystal-infused water elixir, so make a super love-charged potion with it! Use the indirect method of elixir-making by placing the crystal atop a cover to the water’s container and allowing it to infuse its energy into the liquid that way (instead of placing the crystal directly into the water).

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Hearts, crystals

Green Aventurine Hearts | Source: Healing Crystals

Affiliated with the heart chakra, which resonates with the color green, this crystal is considered one of the best good-luck stones around — so if you’re looking to get lucky in love this Valentine’s Day or need a quick boost of good vibes, this is going to be your jam.

Green aventurine not only helps us to release toxic relationship patterns to make room for a supportive type of love, but it also boosts your good luck in love by helping to facilitate more cosmically-aligned opportunities — like being in the right place at the right time when it comes to meeting someone special.

How to use it: Honestly, whether you’re in a relationship or not, who doesn’t need some good-luck-energy with them at all times? Carry a green aventurine with you in your pocket or purse to help boost serendipity when it comes to love-related encounters. If you want to up its heart-healing vibes, find a heart-shaped stone, and hold it in your hand whenever you need some extra love.


Rhodonite Touchstone, crystals

Rhodonite Touchstone | Source: Energy Muse

Valentine’s Day is great for lovers, but it also serves as a very in-your-face reminder of any lack of love in your life if you happen to be single. If you’ve recently had your heart broken and find yourself cursing every happy couple or heart-shaped-anything that crosses your path, consider rhodonite the 2019 Valentine you can trust.

It’s considered the ultimate heart-healing crystal and is perfect for soothing any emotional turmoil that results from a breakup. In other words, it’s a must-have for all of us bleeding hearts come V-Day.

How to use it: Time for a heart-healing meditation, y’all! “If you’re in conflict with someone you love, ask the rhodonite to guide you in surrounding the problem with unconditional love free of expectations and needs, leaving your heart open to pure affection,” advised Energy Muse.

“Hold a rhodonite crystal stone in your hand and imagine floating in a giant pool of pink. You’ll be amazed at how quickly toxic emotions melt away when you kill them with true kindness.” Give yourself as long as you need to really get into the zone for this meditation and visualization, and you’re bound to feel results.


This was written by Nina Kahn for Bustle.




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