How To Give Your Entire House An Energy Makeover Using Crystals

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I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a crystal hoarder. My crystals represent memories—each one reminding me of where I first spotted it, whether on a faraway spiritual journey or at a giant mineral exhibition just across town.

My home may be a maze of stones, but make no mistake: None of them are random. Every one is positioned to serve a specific purpose.

As with all interior design, the best crystal arrangement is one that balances aesthetic and function. While dropping a crystal in any room will immediately lighten the ambience with positivity and beauty, you can take full advantage of a crystal’s potential by placing it strategically.

Here’s a peek into how I lay out my own gemstones.


There’s something so special about a meal prepared with nurturing love. Give everything you cook this same kick by adding the secret ingredient of loving energy to your kitchen: rose quartz.

I like to put rose quartz on the windowsills to hold that energetic space as I prepare food and ensure that the ambience is always centered around love.

You can also create a kitchen altar with crystals that inspire creativity and innovation. Every time their sparkle catches your eye, you’ll feel a rush of inspiration flow through you. On top of my kitchen table, I have a large clear quartz cluster to keep the energy pure and clean.

When sunlight hits a clear quartz cluster, it streams rainbows into the space and transforms it into a positive place for family meals. I also have a piece of sodalite underneath the table to fuel harmonious conversations at dinner.

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For many of us, the most important room to keep energetically pure is the bedroom. It’s where we rejuvenate from the day’s exhaustions, sleep, love, and ponder our innermost feelings.

For this reason, it’s great to keep a deep energy cleanser like selenite—the crystal of “liquid light”—under your bed or pillow for restful sleep and sweet dreams.

I always place a small tumbled rose quartz under the mattress for the energy of love. For partnerships, keep a pair of rose quartz and amethyst together on your nightstand to balance the yin and yang energy in your space and deepen the connection you share.

Living room

Nobody wants to come home after a hard day’s work and lift their feet up in a space that’s as tense as they are. Stress-relieving amethyst is perfect for generating a relaxing, rejuvenating space. It acts as an air purifier, clearing negativity and emitting positive, protecting energy.

Then again, it’s one of those crystals that you really can’t go wrong with, so try placing it in any room of the house!

Kids’ room

I always like to keep celestite in my kids’ rooms, as it carries a calming, soothing energy. The gentle vibration of this luminescent stone quells chaos and ushers in a protective field of white light.

Blue lace agate on the bedside table also brings tranquil energies to relieve any stress, nervousness, or bad dreams. Every now and then, depending on the energy of the space, I like to add smoky quartz to my kids’ bedrooms to stabilize and absorb any unwanted or overactive vibes.

Front door

I always keep a piece of pyrite or carnelian just inside my front door. These stones are effective at keeping negativity out, and they also invite positivity through the energy of abundance.

On the exterior, by the front door or any door leading inside, I place a piece of black tourmaline on either side of my door for added protection.


The garden is the perfect place to set any crystals that have been cracked or chipped. You don’t want to throw them away, so give them the job of helping your plants grow!

Green aventurine guides earthly energy up into the roots to pulse vitality throughout your plants. Bury it in the soil of your garden or potted plant, and add a clear quartz for some extra energy amplification.

Quartz can also help you program your garden with intention. Set yours with a quick meditation in the garden, focusing on what you want for your plants. For instance, if you always forget to water, set an intention to be more mindful and attentive, then bury the quartz in the earth.

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This article was originally written/published by Heather Askinosie of MindBodyGreen


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