This is How Your Blood Type is Associated With Your Personality

blood typeThe association between blood types and your personality has always been a matter of great interest among scientists as they have observed some definite traits which go along with certain blood types.

The observations gained traction even more after a study published in Japan, by Masahiko Nomi.

The studies, since then, have been moving forward and there have been some correlation between the two which needs to be known.

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Here, we put forward the primary traits of people with associated blood types and as is the case, they do not apply universally. Find out what your blood group says about you.


Blood Group A

40% of the people in the world have the blood group A (either A +ve or A-ve).

The primary traits associated with this blood type are: Understanding, organized, rational and cool.

A type lives the way it wants to. If you belong to this group then chances are that you are not the one to get involved in a lot of drama. You have a way of life which you like and you stick to it.

Very good at controlling your emotions, you are the sort of person who starts a new thing with a will to succeed and do it with perfection, or as close to perfection as you can get.

On the other hand, you can also be finicky and uptight, at times. It is obvious as most detail-oriented people tend to reject disturbance and interference in their lives.

You may also be too eager, given your curiosity and stubborn, given your perfectionist attitude towards things. The fact that you may also get sensitive and reserved works both ways.

It helps you focus better on the task at hand but can also give others the impression that you are snobbish or arrogant. Doesn’t matter though, your personality is inherently inclined to let irrelevant things slide.


Blood Group B

11% of the people in the world have the blood group B (either B +ve or B -ve).

The primary traits associated with the blood type are: Unpredictable, passionate, confident and impulsive.

People with the type B blood group are known to be enthusiastic, enterprising and highly passionate. If you are this, then chances are that you have a personality which is internally motivated.

 Anything you do, be it exploring, love, travel or simply your job, you do it with a passionate heart. The very fact that you put your heart and soul into everything makes your personality almost infectiously charming and inspirational.

On the other hand, you can get a bit selfish with your passion. You are also unpredictable in the sense that you never reveal what’s going on in your head, so what you do is known only to you until it’s done.

While this does make you somewhat of a puzzle but people feel scared of trusting you, due to your unpredictability.

It is, however, limited to only those who don’t know you as once they come to understand you, they let you in for the spontaneous and confident personality which you have.

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Blood Group O

45% of the people in the world have the blood group O (either O +ve or O -ve).

The primary traits associated with the blood type are: Responsible, punctual, cautious and committed.

People with this blood type have been known as cautious and responsible people. O types take their responsibilities very seriously and are one of the most trustworthy people to have around.

Punctual and committed they have this urge to finish what they started and that is the one thing that motivates them the most.

They also make really good companions as they tend to be understanding, good listeners and comforting for others.

On the other hand, you can be really risk-averse. You like playing it safe and being sure of what you are getting into before you get into it.

You like to be prepared for any eventuality and that may be a reason that you don’t prefer doing things differently.

While this may sound negative but the fact is that this quality makes you extremely reliable, trustworthy, pleasant and someone one could depend on when most needed.

Blood Group AB

Only 4% of the people in the world have the blood group AB (either AB +ve or AB -ve).

The primary traits associated with the blood type are: Ambitious, natural leaders, confident and sociable.

People with this blood type are truly rare as no more than mere 4% of the population has this blood type.

Type ABs are known to be natural born leaders with inherent skills to lead.

Confident and sociable, you are the sort of person who would lead by example and would not expect others to do for you, what you can’t do for them in turn.

Your ambition is another virtue which others look up to but your sociable nature is your best trait.

On the other hand, you can get quite reserved and mysterious. An empath, who is extremely good at listening to others and understanding them, you rarely speak out what’s going in your own heart.

You smile and nod and care for others but rarely ask for help yourself. The one thing that does create problems is your straightforward nature as others find it annoying but you’d rather speak a harsh truth than sugarcoat a lie.

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