What The Mercury-Jupiter Opposition Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

mercury-jupiter opposition

We can’t fight what we feel indefinitely.

On May 31st, we see two strong aspects in astrology come together, which will give us a dramatic boost of energy at the end of this month, ushering in an entirely new phase for the month of June. The first aspect is Mercury opposite Jupiter, with Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius, while the second is Venus trine Saturn, with Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn.

Both aspects are positive, yet they also point to change for our zodiac signs. This what we have to learn: when we deem something worthwhile, unique even, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to get it, including changing our whole lives.

While this is the last Mercury opposition we will see until 2020, the next Venus-Saturn trine will be in September, which means we will have a few months between now and then to make our plans concrete, become sure of what we want, and make sure this time we’re not taking the easy way out.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and our thought processes, while Jupiter is the planet of abundance, good fortune, and a planet that tends to make everything bigger.

Usually, an opposition is a difficult transit because it quite literally means that two planets are opposite, and they tend to pull at one another. Yet in this case, because Jupiter is such a feel-good planet, he even makes this transit a positive one.

Currently, Mercury is transiting through Gemini, which is a very fast-thinking sign, and one that prefers and is stimulated by a meeting of the minds, which is perfect for Jupiter’s placement right now; Sagittarius likes all esoteric matters and is enriched by engaging conversations.

Around this transit we’re going to feel more confident, meaning we’re also going to take more chances. This includes the words we use with others in conveying feelings and plans about our lives or dreams.

This isn’t the humdrum plans of the practical; instead, with this glorious Sagittarius energy, we’re inspired about life, we’re excited, and we feel drawn to certain things like magnets. Sometimes, though, we talk ourselves out of experiencing these feelings; we tell ourselves why we can’t or why it’s futile to try. We cut ourselves short so we don’t have to risk disappointment, all the while never really letting ourselves use our wings.

Together, Mercury and Sagittarius are feeling the push about what matters, while confidence will flow like fire through our veins. However, while there are many positive aspects of this transit, there are two we need to be mindful about.

The first is that we may become so excited that we skip over the details — i.e., confessing our love while still attached to another. This just means to make sure the ground is clear to move forward in the direction we feel called, especially those regarding romantic relationships. The other important theme to consider is that while we may feel confident and sure, we may be tested when those around us have their own opinions and thoughts on the matter.

It seems that no one has more opinions than when it comes to our love lives, which is where the second aspect comes into play: Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. Venus is the planet of love while Saturn rules boundaries, time, karma and even commitment.

In this transit, Venus is in her home sign of Taurus, which means we have all the feels. We are feeling more loved and are understanding what it means. We’re also more likely to focus on what matters and disregard what doesn’t.

But this isn’t just about love, it’s about what we do when we have those feelings. As time is progressing, it seems that what we want and need from a partner is changing; no longer are we needing someone to fill those same roles our grandmothers did, so because of that the idea of commitment is changing as well.

Sometimes it means we may live together without saying “I do,” while for others, maybe it involves marriage without living together. We’re making up our own rules now, giving us a greater sense of freedom in our relationships. Yet regardless of how we define commitment, there is still that component of joining our free will in this life.

Venus and Saturn like commitment, sometimes even the ones that come from out of the blue. Venus is about love and Saturn is about those boundaries we live within, and together they tend to manifest romantic relationships that are more serious. For those who are already in a relationship, it may become more serious around this time, while those who are single could find themselves saying “yes” very soon.

But sometimes, love and happiness come at a cost, and this may be the test; after all, if it’s easy to get, do we necessarily value what we have?

There will be some bumpy roads ahead that likely will linger over the summer months, yet the aspect that will need time to figure it out is the romantic relationship itself. The truth about our feelings will occur in the days surrounding the 31st, this moment of expansive realism when we throw caution to the wind and decide we’re going to live our truth, no matter the cost.

The energy surrounding this day will be electric with important and deep conversations coming from out of the blue, bringing about changes in status, love and relationships, taking the summer months in order to help us to see what happens when we stop fighting what we feel.


This was originally published by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, visit her website.


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