What The June 16th Mercury-Saturn Opposition Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until October 2019

mercury-saturn opposition

No matter how perfect the love, there will still be bad days.

June 16th, Mercury, the planet of communication, makes two different astrology aspects that will challenge us to see what matters most and to understand the true meaning of love.

The first aspect is Mercury trine Neptune, with Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, which is all about those soft heart to heart conversations. The second is Mercury opposite Saturn, which will bring about conversations about the more challenging aspects of life.

The lesson for all of the zodiac signs will be to learn how to combine both, and how to see that no matter how perfect someone seems, there will still be hard times to go through. This is the last time Mercury will oppose Saturn this year, but only the first of three aspects to Neptune; the next one occurs in October.

The timing of the transits signifies that maybe we’re going to have to spend the next few months working through the more challenging aspects of life to get to October, where we will be able to focus on love.

Mercury is the trickster planet, otherwise known as the winged messenger. He often is most known for the chaos and disturbances that he causes when he retrogrades a couple times a year, the next one being on July 7th. But right now, he’s direct, even if he’s not in a sign that feels like home to him.

Usually, Mercury prefers a sign like Virgo whose detailed-orientated nature complements his logical style. But as many of us know, sometimes love defies any sort of logic.

In this case, Mercury is in uncharted waters. He’s having to feel instead of think. He’s having to operate from his head instead of just his heart. Maybe he’s a little foggy but he’s keeping at it, and having Mars, the planet of action, also in this watery sign helps him know that even if it’s hard to make plans around love, it still is possible.

There are times within relationships where we think we are immune to hard times or hurt. Even if, logically (Mercury), we know that sounds foolish, we still think it. We believe that ending a painful relationship means that it was “wrong” for us and that beginning a new one with someone different will end better. Yet, part of this process of living and growing through our experiences is that while love itself is perfect, there is no perfect relationship.

Regardless of who we are or how long we are with our partner, we will hurt one another at some point. We will make a mistake or push our partner away while we’re going through a hard time. We will do the very thing we promised we never would, and when that happens and we hit that rough spot, we inevitably think “Oh, this isn’t meant to last” instead of just seeing it as a moment, as just one incident.

While it’s true that not all relationships are supposed to last but instead serve as lessons for our personal growth, sometimes we really do throw something away because it got too hard or because we didn’t know how to deal with it.

There is a lot occurring this month regarding new starts and beginnings. Both planets involved with Mercury are currently in retrograde, so while this is about a new chapter, it also might be about someone from our pasts coming back for a redo.

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Mercury in Cancer will form a trine, an aspect of 120 degrees between planets, with Neptune in Pisces. These two are dizzy with love. It’s a very soft, sensual and romantic energy. Neptune is in all the feels with the unconditional love from Pisces, and Neptune is all about the soulmates.

Together, Mercury is tuned into his heart thanks to Cancer. He knows what he feels, he knows what he wants his life to look like, and he is ready to start talking about what is really going on.

Again, though, Neptune is in retrograde, so this is about destroying illusions, bringing the truth to light, and sometimes even righting a wrong situation. Not everyone’s ex will come back, not everyone is going to come home to roses and a “Please forgive me,” but for those that do, take a minute before responding.

Saturn will be on the scene, which, while all about karma and divine timing, also represents boundaries and the darker aspects of life. In this case, it’s likely that if we have an ex return to us, it’s because the first time around there was a painful breakup or some sort of big blow-out occurred. Mercury opposite Saturn is helping us talk about the hard times, the reasons we weren’t aware of before, and the growth that has occurred since.

This isn’t about excusing anything but rather talking through it together. It’s about seeing if a love is worth it overall — not because anyone is perfect or will never hurt you, but because sometimes we meet someone and we know we could live until we’re 100 and never again feel the same way.

Yes, all love is different. Yes, we love everyone differently simply because we are different people. But these aspects are about reminding us that, as humans, we’re all going to make mistakes and hurt the person we love.

None of us are perfect, but what it comes down to is what we feel with Neptune, and it’s worth getting through the hard times together.

Mercury is about communication, and we know that these transits are not the end of the story, but just the beginning. So, around this date we might start having conversations, get a text or phone call from an ex, or maybe someone we’re currently involved with.

There may be hard conversations of figuring out where to go from here and, ultimately, the choice is ours. But it all comes down to the same thing: is the love shared worth the work or not?

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This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, visit her website.


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