The 10 Big Benefits Of Being An Empath

the-10-big-benefits-of-being-an-empathIs it hard for you to see any benefit in being an Empath? Do you feel being highly sensitive is a problem for you?

Most people feel that their heightened awareness or sensitivity is a burden that they want to shut off and quiet. It’s really important for you to hear how valuable you are as an Empath, and how many wonderful traits you have that set you apart and give you an advantage because you are highly sensitive.

When you get a better understanding of your true nature, realize you are not alone, start accepting your heightened sensitivities and then learn the practical methods we are going to share with you, you will be able to gradually identify and release all those pesky internalized false beliefs you have about how there is something wrong with you.

What if what you believe is wrong about you was your greatest capacity for changing the world and you just don’t yet know how to use your natural abilities yet?

As most of you, or maybe all of you have concluded at one time or another in life, being highly sensitive can be tough. You may feel like no one understands you and no one gives you the sympathy you require when something is difficult for you.

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There are actually some great benefits of being highly empathic. Most people put all the focus on the difficulties and don’t get far enough in their self-discovery on their own to realize the enormous benefits.


Here are the top ten reasons being an Empath is a gift


1. We are natural healers and can gift healing energy to others through our hands, voices or even by playing a musical instrument. Many Empaths choose to pursue energy healing as they feel an inner calling to heal themselves and others.

2. Our heightened sense of smell allows us to enjoy food, beverages, flowers, essential oils, etc. with more intensity. If you work to increase your skill of smell you can also smell death or disease in an animal or a person. This can lead to saving lives.


3. We will sense potential dangers before other people and are more in tune with our sixth sense.

4. Since we feel everything so strongly, we are prone to feeling deeper lows, but also are prone to feeling greater highs than those who ate not as sensitive. Most of us have a great enthusiasm for life and experience life and joy with greater intensity and tend to be more kind, understanding, compassionate and caring.

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5. While many people who are not so empathic feel deeply uncomfortable being alone with themselves, Empaths actually crave a lot of alone time and require it to balance and de-stress. We need alone time to recuperate, and that’s not a bad thing as we are more self-aware because of this time with ourselves.

6. Empaths are unusually very creative in life with not only art but also experiences, situations, and possibilities. We think differently and see things that others would not be able to conceptualize as easily. This creativity of thought and processing can often be mislabeled as wrong, but it’s actually a capacity of yours.


7. We can read emotional cues and are very emotional ourselves, so we can imagine well what the other person feels and what would happen inside if this person did not have their needs met.

8. Sensitive people are good at sensing all kinds of nonverbal communication and indicators of physical needs and emotions. This gives us a talent for intuiting the unconscious mind and for sensing the needs of those who cannot speak, such as animals, plants, infants, and the human body.

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9. We also are much more aware of people’s thoughts feelings and emotions, and because of this, we can almost always sense when someone is lying to us. We know when someone tells us they are fine, but they really are crying on the inside. Because if our heightened awareness we can see through the false facades people up.

10. People cannot lie to us without us knowing. Even when someone tries to tell us they are ok but they are not, we see through the facade they put up, and we can feel what’s really going on under the surface.


Your heightened sensitivity is a gift and not a curse. Remember that your thoughts are things, and what you think is what you create. So, next time you curse your heightened awareness or sensitivity level remember some of these benefits that you’ve just uncovered.

By putting your focus on the benefits of being an Empath, you will be creating a life where your gift is contributing to you instead of draining you.





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