Your Venus In Gemini Love Horoscope Is Full Of Mischief, So Let The Games Begin

venus in gemini

Venus in Gemini is beyond riveting. Sure, the goddess of love knows a thing or two about charming your socks off, but there’s something about Gemini’s mercurial influence that adds a little fizz to your one-on-one connections. Not sure what I’m referring to? Your Venus in Gemini love horoscope proves there’s just really something about the sign of the mischievous twins, and you’ll likely experience this pizazz first hand with Venus in Gemini in June. Gemini is a sapiosexual, and Venus submits to her desires.

In Gemini, the planet of heart-shaped glasses, flowers, and candy, is both beauty and brains, which means mentally stimulating conversations are her specialty. The goddess of love is a dazzling conversationalist and a coy contender when in the sign of the curious twins. Words are her aphrodisiac, and her powers of persuasion are pretty irresistible, too. Warning: Venus in Gemini is the most fickle of the Venus signs, so make sure to keep things friendly and lighthearted until further notice. As for those of you looking for a committed relationship, don’t worry. Venus in Gemini will make sure to keep your hands full, if you know what I mean.

Here’s what Venus in Gemini has up her sleeve, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Cat Catch Your Tongue?

With the goddess of love dancing through your chatty third house of communication and immediate network, your words are music to everyone’s ears. Your text messages will be buzzing, and your neighborhood hottie is probably on the other line.

Taurus: Your Words Are So Money

Your words are your moneymaker, but if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. With Venus shaking up your second house of values, there are opportunities for love via financial situations and institutions. So don’t be surprised if you run into your crush at the bank teller line. Say hello.

Gemini: The Flirting Marathon

Don’t send the text without a clever emoji. It’s all eyes on you, and you’re glimmering with charisma. BTW, don’t lock eyes with anyone unless you plan on stealing their soul. Venus is sashaying through your sign, and your Mercury twinkle is on point.

Cancer: A Secret Crush

Whisper, so no one can hear you. The goddess of seduction is dancing in the dark via your 12th house of karma and all things behind-the-scenes. This can spark a secret romance of sorts, but make sure you keep things incognito for now.

Leo: Friends With Nicknames

To flirt with your cute friend, or not to flirt with your cute friend? That is the question. What’s the worst that could happen, Leo? With Venus shaking her tail feather via your 11th house of friendships and teams, you can run, but you can’t hide. Put your pride aside and have fun.

Virgo: Show Them Who’s Boss

Luscious Venus is pirouetting her way through your ambitious 10th house of career and authority figures, and you’re making a sweet impression on your superiors. So much so, that they might just fall head over heels. Talk that talk, Virgo.

Libra: You’re Curious About The Unknown

You’ve always been a fan of the mind games, but with your ruling planet dazzling your exotic ninth house of adventure and knowledge, you’re likely craving a completely different experience. Foreign pen pal? Aside from your desire for freedom, you might very well find love while traveling or perhaps even in school.

Scorpio: Serious Sexting

Taboo topics are your jam, and with sensual Venus whispering sweet nothings via your eighth house of sex and shared resources, you might very well press send after taking that naughty selfie. Your desires are smoldering during this time, and you’re feeling sexier than ever. Look out, world.

Sagittarius: Have “The” Talk

Things are getting serious, huh? With the planet of love sprinkling her charms via your seventh house of partnerships, you’re likely spending a lot more time with your significant other. This is a charming time for you, so feel free to tell them everything that’s on your mind.

Capricorn: Fall In Love With Order

Sensual Venus is going vegan via your sixth house of health, day-to-day environment, and physicality, and you’re likely getting your flirt on at the gym. That is, if you’re not sneaking off to the bathroom to text during work hours, Capricorn. This behavior may feel so “unlike you,” but I don’t blame you, considering this transit is irresistible AF.

Aquarius: Hog The Spotlight

Dazzle them, and don’t even think twice about it. The goddess of oh la la is dancing via your expressive fifth house of fun, romance, and creativity, and seductive is an understatement. You are likely sparkling with sex appeal, and your admirers are totally here for it.

Pisces: Listen To Your Inner Voice

Having second thoughts about your crush? With sweet Venus getting cozy via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and plush rugs, you’re feeling as intuitive as ever. Although, given Gemini’s fickle personality, you’re also a bit restless as well. Not to worry, Pisces. You don’t need to make a decision right away.


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