The Meaning Of Venus In Gemini 2019 Is About Embracing Variety & Stimulating Conversations

venus in gemini

Wherever irresistible Venus goes, a butterfly trail of happiness will follow. The goddess of love is a celestial dazzler, and whatever this heavenly body touches becomes enchanted by its seductive lure. The meaning of Venus in Gemini 2019 is unique to everyone, as it depends on which astrological house Gemini resides via your birth chart, along with its planetary aspects. But it’s really about acknowledging the beauty and value within our immediate exchanges. Are you familiar with Venus’ positioning, or aspects, via your natal chart? If not, you should be, because this can give you a sneak peek at your core values and the things that bring you pleasure.

Delightful Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and fulfillment. According to, Venus directs the archetype of feminine energy within all of us; it’s a celestial map of our seduction style and sense of romance. For instance, let’s say you have a way with words, and your crush couldn’t help but fall for your brilliant wit and sparkling mind. My first guess would be that you’re a Venus in Gemini. Why? Well, those born with this astrological placement swoon over mentally-stimulating partners, and since Venus also governs our fashion aesthetic, these natives typically wear a variety of different colorful patterns.

For those of you wondering, here’s the 411 for the Venus in Gemini transit:

Venus Enters Gemini on June 8, 2019

Alright, so let’s do the celestial math, shall we? Venus governs our desires, values, spending habits, and relationship style, and Gemini’s main thrill in life consists of clever mind games, witty banter, mentally-stimulating conversations, and Mercury’s personal favorite, lots and lots of gossip. So what happens when you combine both of these archetypes?

If there’s one word I’d use to describe this zodiac sign and astrological transit it’s effervescent. The essence of Gemini is fizzy, refreshing, and there’s never a dull moment. Gemini is naturally curious, swift, and incredibly intelligent. It’s no wonder those with dominant Gemini placements have no trouble speaking their mind. And now the cosmos are about to gift us with the very same charms.

In order to understand how this will affect you, figure out where is Gemini located in your birth chart. This is where you will likely experience all sorts of Venusian bliss and perhaps even romance.

When Venus is in Gemini…

When the goddess of love dazzles her way through the sign of the twins, you’ll suddenly gifted with a sense of open-mindedness and charming clarity. What do you do for fun? What brings you joy? Gemini is incredibly resourceful, and in curious Gemini, you can expect to experience pleasure in a number of ways — just make sure you over-indulge, because Venus in Gemini can be incredibly fickle, so variety is a must during this time.

For those of you looking for love, Venus in Gemini knows a thing or two about getting her flirt on, but she’s not big on commitment. Needless to say, there will be an innate desire for something flirty and lighthearted, as opposed to Venus in Scorpio, whose desires can become obsessive and smoldering. Venus in Gemini wants to fall in love with her partner’s mind, whether it be for business or pleasure. Your spending habits will also take a slight turn during this time, and for the better.

In Taurus, Venus is possessive and overindulgent; the more beautiful, decadent, and overpriced, the more it becomes an object of desire. In Gemini, however, Venus prefers to splurge on things that fuels the mind, or maybe keep you guessing. For instance, my Venus is in Gemini, and I could never have enough stationary. Purchasing a sleek agenda once a year is my therapy, and don’t even get me started on buying books.

Looking for ways to make the most of this transit? Activities such as flirting, reading, writing, and in fellow Gemini Lana Del Rey’s words, dancing in the ballroom of your mind, are more than welcome.


This was originally published by Elite Daily.


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