This Is Your Idea Of True Love, According To Your Venus Placement

true love

Don’t you think falling in love is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever experience? As human beings, we just want to belong. But love is deeper than simply belonging. The soul craves a mystical connection that’s out of this world and even the most cold-hearted of us all are capable of loving deeply. If you’re wondering which planet symbolizes this indescribable feeling, it’s Venus.

Of course, this is no shocker, considering how Venus is technically Aphrodite, goddess of romance and beauty. But let’s take a deeper look at your idea of true love, according to your Venus placement, shall we? After all, this is true love we’re talking about. It’s the be-all, end-all, is it not?

Before you start thinking that Venus contains all the answers to your problems in love, let’s get a few things straight. While Venus is the planet of love, it definitely isn’t the only planet that describes what you need in a relationship or how astrologically compatible you’ll be with someone.

Your birth chart contains a plethora of information about all the nuances and complexities that compromise the way love unfolds throughout your life. However, Venus is an excellent jumping off point, as it describes what your idea of love is. It reveals the way you give and receive love. It translates your love language in a way you can understand.

To better understand your romantic inclinations and your style in a partnership, input your date, time, and place of birth into a birth chart calculator. Identify which house your Venus placement falls into to see how it affects the way you see love:

If Venus is in Your First House

You desire passion, directness, and chivalry in your relationship. There cannot be any doubt that your partner is loyal to you. You expect diplomatic communication between you and the person you love. Above all, you want someone who makes you feel more confident and self-assured.

If Venus is in Your Second House

In a partner, you want someone who is generous and a provider. You love giving and receiving gifts. You desire a relationship that is serious, stable, and building towards a future. In love, you require physical affection and a sensual understanding of each other’s bodies.

If Venus is in Your Third House

Intellectual exchange is a must in your relationship. You want to learn together and feel stimulated by what your partner can show you. Communication is something you value deeply and you want a partnership in which you can articulate your feelings with each other.

If Venus is in Your Fourth House

You want to create a home with your partner. Tender, loving care must be at the core of your connection to each other. You desire someone who inspires feelings of warmth and safety. You probably also want someone who has a great family who gets along with your family in return.

If Venus is in Your Fifth House

You want a love life that inspires romance, art, and creativity. You desire love letters, grand gestures, and a never-ending sense of fun. An exciting sex life is super important to you and you never want things to grow dull over time. You want that honeymoon phase to last.

If Venus is in Your Sixth House

Acts of service is a love language you’re probably fluent in. You want to be with someone who helps you out whenever they can and makes your life easier with their efforts and contributions. You have a practical approach to love and you want a relationship that’s down-to-earth and marked by routine.

If Venus is in Your Seventh House

You want an even balance of power in the relationship. No one should have more say in what happens than the other. You desire a strong bond in which you both value loyalty and a one-on-one connection. Spending quality time together is seriously important to you.

If Venus is in Your Eighth House

You desire an emotional depth so deep that it’s almost intoxicating. You want to share every dark and taboo secret with your partner. You want to feel as though you’re borderline obsessed with each other. A spiritual and transcendent sex life is something you value greatly.

If Venus is in Your Ninth House

In your relationship, you want a partner in crime. You want someone who’s down for anything, up for spontaneous adventures, and wants to see the world. Together, you can expand each other’s minds and stay open to new ideas. Your ideal partnership inspires a sense of freedom.

If Venus is in Your 10th House

You want to be that couple. In your ideal relationship, you’d love someone who’s as image-oriented as you are. You want your love life to further both of your careers and hone in on a sense of power. You may be attracted to someone older; someone who can show you the ropes.

If Venus is in Your 11th House

You don’t want love and romance to be all that your relationship can offer. You want to fall in love with your best friend. Being wacky, playing games, and having a rich social life together is very important to you in a relationship. You also want someone who’s charitable and cares about the world.

If Venus is in Your 12th House

You desire a private connection with your lover and you don’t want to invite judgment from society. Your idea of true love involves sacrifice, generosity, and being willing to do whatever you can for your partner. An intuitive understanding of each other’s feelings and needs is a must.


This was originally published by Elite Daily.


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