What The May 14th Venus-Mars Sextile Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

venus-mars sextile

Love is supposed to make us feel good.

On May 14th, Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini, creating the perfect atmosphere for us to take chances when it comes to our love horoscopes, relationships, and to finally attract what we’ve always desired. For our zodiac signs, it’s a welcome change in our romantic lives.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating an opportune and beneficial time for us to focus on a specific area of our lives; in this case, it’s romance and love. While Venus and Mars will often sextile only once a year, this year we will also see a second one in December, highlighting that our relationships will be a primary focus.

Venus is considered to represent the divine feminine, and Mars the masculine, so whenever we see these two planets transiting, we not only know that our romantic relationships will be affected, but especially those with a deep soul connection like twin flames or soulmates.

When we think of the divine masculine and feminine, it refers to the higher selves we all have within us; the part of our soul that has reached a higher level of awareness and consciousness as well as those relationships that come together because there is a benefit for society as a whole.

With a sextile being so positive, it’s likely that Venus sextile Mars will have a big impact upon those who feel they are in a divine partnership. This means that if we were separated, we will come back together or will begin an entirely new chapter together under new circumstances after learning some valuable lessons from the past six months or so.

When we think of the effects of astrology on intimate relationships, especially those that have that divine feminine or masculine aspect, we also have to understand that there will be effects on our soul. This means that whether single or not, we could find ourselves having intense dreams about someone with whom we were highly connected or experienced significant events with.

While we always have free will when it comes to whether we will reach out and connect with another based on a dream or an intuitive feeling, we also have to understand that the more we listen to those little feelings we have, the more we get in touch with our true self.

Besides the connection of the divine masculine and feminine, Venus is also known as the goddess of love, and at the time of this transit she is in the very last degree of Aries before switching over into Taurus, which is her ruling sign. Venus doesn’t always like Aries because it’s a bit more aggressive than she normally prefers, but in the last degree it’s likely she will embody a significant amount of Taurus, meaning this aspect will positively affect our relationships, even if we’re currently in one or not.

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While Venus is dancing through the last degrees of Aries, Mars is in Gemini, an air sign. While this isn’t one he normally prefers since he likes the ambition and drive associated with signs like Aries, he’s able to make better decisions in this placement.

Venus may rule the heart, but Mars rules the drive to get us what we want, the path we take, and whether or not we give it all up over one difficult point. Because of this energy, it’s likely we’re going to see our own change in direction. It’s possible with that Gemini energy, which is about choices, we might decide to shake things up in our relationship.

Perhaps we made a choice or decisions at the end of last year. We felt sure, and even thought we were making it for all the right reasons. But as time as passed, we’ve come to see that what we thought would materialize and develop within the relationship hasn’t come to fruition in the ways we had expected.

With this energy we will be feeling, we will possibly want to make a shift in our direction. We might decide to reconnect with someone from our past or will want to rekindle the relationship to the point before we let career or kids become more important than our lover.

The one guarantee with these two planets is that while only one day, there is a reason we often only see this occurring once a year, and that’s because it is felt deeply. Even for those in deep soul relationships, we might get closure or find that a particular connection has served its purpose.

We might want to reach out to initiate a conversation of healing between us and them, or maybe it’s because we want a redo. It will be felt on a deep level, almost as if no matter what we do we can’t shake the feeling that all of this means something.

If in a significant relationship, regardless of soul connection, we will feel like being with our partner more. We will feel more confident about ourselves and that will be radiating in our presence. If we’ve been through some difficult times recently, this transit will help us reconnect and remember that it’s the love that matters most at the end of the day.

For those who are single, this transit will definitely not just affect how we feel about ourselves (hello, self-worth!) but also about the boundaries we have in our lives relating to romantic relationships and what we choose to allow.

We likely will be reevaluating the relationships we’ve recently been in and begin to make big declarations about how we’re going to do things differently from this point on.

Especially relating to the singles, you will be feeling very confident and attractive, and because of the balancing nature of Venus and Mars you will feel more at peace with your past and will want to accept a new relationship into your life. Whether this means opening up an online profile, going out for drinks with friends, or even deciding you and that special someone aren’t going to date other people, it’s a time when you’re feeling ready for something new.

Venus and Mars always have a tendency to remind us of what matters most, and recognizing that if we get out of our own way we might just be happy after all.

This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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