Evil Eye: Understanding The Power Of A Malevolent Gaze

evil eye

Dear readers, In many parts of the world we can see references to the Evil Eye such as Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Latin America and Israel to name a few. In this article, we are going to see what exactly is the evil eye, how to protect from it, how you can detect it if you or another has been under its influence, and how you can cure it.

What is the Evil Eye?

In many magical/pagan/folkloric/religious practices we can see the common belief that the mind/energy/intention/feelings/aura of one person can influence another in positive or negative ways.

Old witches, shamans and healers knew very well that the most common senses human beings use are sight and hearing (extending it to sound and voice). Smell, taste and touch usually play an equally important role in our everyday lives however, when it comes to interaction with others these senses play a secondary role.

It was very common and still is for many magical practitioners in training to obstruct vision or sound as a means of isolating from the external environment and sharpening the remaining senses including psychic senses and ExtraSensory Perception (ESP).

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This has also been observed in people who have lost one of their senses, all the other senses become stronger and sharper to compensate for this loss and assist in survival of the individual. In many tribes, blind witches were considered great seers able to see above and beyond the material world and were respected and taken care from others as they provided an unparalleled service to the community.

It is not surprising that the manifestation and transmission of energy follow the routes we trust and use more: our eyes and our mouths. The Evil Eye stemmed from the belief that a gaze is enough to pass a negative load of energy from one person to the other. This can easily extend to the environment including objects and other living organisms.

Now by the term negative energy I do not only mean a malevolent gaze but also jealousy, extreme admiration, self-pity or desire of having/owning. In addition, the Evil Eye can be cast intentionally or unintentionally, meaning that the person who passes the Evil Eye may not be aware of this exchange of energy.

From a psychological/sociological perspective human beings always compete with each other, thinking that the one who owns most is the winner of life and in this manner they can attain happiness. This is easy to identify simply by observing or asking random people around you what is their perception on money and belongings.

Everybody has a story to share about how another has tricked them or quarreled with them over money- most countries declare war over resources and most major crimes in the world happen over control of resources (monetary, sexual, territorial etc) as well rape, theft, murder, human trafficking, gang violence, drug wars to name a few.

The same happens with companies that compete with each other over control of market shares. As you can see the list is endless. Therefore, a change of notion is vital. After thinking about all of the above, we can all see that the Evil Eye is only the tip of the iceberg, however, it is equally important to take care of ourselves and the energy we receive and transmit in our daily life in our interactions with others. By changing ourselves we change the world!

How to prevent being affected from the Evil Eye?

Now going back to old practices, young children and pregnant women were considered more prone to the effects of the Evil Eye however, everybody can be affected.

In the case of the Evil Eye, prevention is better than cure and many cultures used talismans, amulets, symbols, inscriptions, prayers and stones to prevent a person from being inflicted by the Evil Eye. These amulets are called apotropaic (from the Greek verb ‘αποτρέπω’: to prevent/ to ward off) and as mentioned they were used to ward off the effects of the Evil Eye.

Please note that the amulets listed below are indicative, however you can take ideas on how to create your own amulet to ward of negativity and the Evil Eye.

Blue colour

Wearing blue is said to counteract the effects of the Evil Eye. In addition, most amulets and stones which protect from the Evil Eye are also blue.

The Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa hand, hamsa or Hand of Fatima (in Islam) or Hand of Myriam (in Judaism) is an amulet which depicts an open palm with an Eye in the middle of the palm. The amulet is usually blue in colour decorated with ornaments and blue beads. The Hamsa hand is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa and can be used in many ways.

You can wear it as an amulet for strength, vigour and protection from the Evil Eye and negativity. You can place it at the front of your house above or next to the door to ward off negativity and the Evil Eye. Place it on the newborn or at a visible location where the baby is and visitors come and see it (traditionally above the cradle of the baby). A separate article on the meaning of the Hamsa hand is on its way.

The ‘Eye’

This is a simplified version of the Hamsa hand which in this case the amulet is just a blue eye bead without the hand. This simplified version is equally effective and used as mentioned above. The ‘Eye’ is popular in Greece, Italy and Turkey for the same reasons.

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They ‘Eye of Horus’

The Egyptian inscription of the Eye of Horus was used to ward off the Evil Eye. More information can be found here!


One of my favourite Italian amulets of all times. The Cimaruta is a piece of jewellery traditionally made with silver which depicts a stem of rue with 5 branches. A ‘strega’ (italian witch) will choose 5 symbols for each branch with most usual being the moon, a vervain blossom, a torch, a wand or a sword, a key, a heart, a rose blossom, an owl etc.

The cimaruta was highly personal and represented the qualities that the witch wanted in her life. It has many uses and one of them is to ward off the Evil Eye (Malocchio: the Evil Eye in Italian). Again, a detailed article will come soon giving more information if you are interested.


Again this amulet comes from Italy and literally means small horn. In recent times, I have seen this amulet being used very frequently in many pieces of jewellery, however, I have found most wearers unaware of its use. Wear the cornicello for vigour, good health and protection from the Evil Eye.

The Sign of the Horns (hand gesture)

This hand gesture usually shows the hand in a fist with the small and index finger raised in the air. This hand gesture is very popular in many rock and metal singers and unfortunately, in the modern era it has been associated with the Devil and Demons.

For Wiccans, this is the sign of the Horned God (Cernunnos/Pan) and it has been used for a long time (probably before it has been used by the Western world) as a sign to ward off sickness, negativity and malevolent spirits. Use this hand gesture to prevent the Evil Eye, not sure though how awkward the other person will feel if you do it in their face.

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Water and spitting

In many cultures, when extreme admiration is showed over a person or owner, it is very common to spit in the air to avoid casting/receiving the Evil Eye. In addition, water that flows can also prevent getting affected by the Evil Eye.


As mentioned above all blue stones can be used to ward off the evil eye. Beads of turquoise were used primarily by Assyrians to ward off the evil eye. More information about Turquoise can be found here.

The Sign of the Cross

Used mainly by Christians decorated with an eye at the center (or not) is used to ward off the Evil Eye. In additions, specific psalms from the Bible can be used as blessings to prevent from the Evil Eye.


In Greece it is common belief that garlic can prevent the Evil Eye. Usually combined with a blue eye amulet it is used to bring good luck and ward off negativity and is used as a gift for new businesses and ventures to ensure success and minimise obstacles.

As you understand this list is endless and many of these amulets are focusing on the concept that like attracts like, the use of holy symbols for protection and that positive energy for vigour and strength can help counteract the Evil Eye. Pick and choose whatever works for you!

How to detect the Evil Eye?

First of all let’s have a look at the signs of a person affected by the Evil Eye. I have created a table for quick reference:

evil eye

*Please always consult your Healthcare Professional if you show signs of a physical condition. Take care of yourselves in all possible ways.

There are various ways on how to detect the presence of Evil eye but I am going to present three of my favourites.

Water and Oil

This is a very easy and quick way to detect if you are affected by the Evil Eye. To begin with regarding which oil to use I have seen it work with sunflower and olive oil so I cannot guarantee about the use of other oils. However feel free to try it and let me know the results.

Ingredients: A glass or small bowl filled with water -Oil (sunflower or olive oil)

You place the bowl of water in front of you. Using your middle finger you put some oil and then you drip one drop of oil in the water. If the oil sinks (usually oil is floating in water) or disperses in the water then you are affected by the Evil Eye. I assume this technique is based on the fact that the Evil Eye affects body magnetism and this is also passed to the oil drop.

You can also use this technique to detect if another person is affected by the Evil Eye. They simply have to be the ones who touch the oil and drip the drop in the water. After this practice took place blessings and Evil Eye banishing incantations were recited to remove the Evil Eye from the person.

The water and oil were used to represent the Evil Eye and then were thrown away typically flushed in the toilet, in a body of water i.e. river or the sea or thrown on the ground away from the residence the Evil Eye removal took place.


Similar to egg divination for dark magic which can be found here. The witch will pass the egg around the body of the affected person and then will break the egg. If the egg appears cooked in places then the person is affected by the Evil Eye. Please refer to the article provided above for other signs.

Cloves and candle

This method is usually used to detect the person that the Evil Eye came from. However, it is a bit tricky and I will explain why. Most people when they know the source of the Evil Eye (if not apparent to them in the first place) they will blame the other for their misfortune and accuse them for intentional malice- please do not use magic to reinforce a blaming culture I ensure you this will make matters worse one way or another. This is definitely not the case and if you think that you are going to react in such a way then please avoid this technique.

The best course of action when identifying where the Evil Eye came from is to forgive the person and wear a protective amulet next time you meet with them. As highlighted many times a lot of people cast the Evil Eye unintentionally. It is important to raise above the situation and be a source of kindness not reinforcing the problem.

With the above in mind here is the technique:

Ingredients: 9 dried clove buds (it can detect up to 8 people the 9th bud is usually used for all others) -a white candle -a needle (this is going to be placed in the naked flame while you hold it so make sure you don’t get burnt)

So the witch will sit opposite the afflicted- I have not witnessed this being used by the person afflicted for themselves, if unsure use the water and oil technique. The candle is lit and the witch speaks to the flame saying: Divine light, all that in front of you are exposed and true, show me the source that the Evil Eye came from.

Then a dried clove is pinched at the end of the needle, and the witch asks the person who they think the Evil Eye came from. A name is spoken and the witch then says:

Has (the name of the person who casted the Evil Eye- for simplicity this will be shown as :X) gave (the afflicted person’s name:Y) the Evil Eye?

The clove bud is placed in the naked flame. If it pops and makes a crushing sound then this is where it came from.

Then the witch says: ‘Divine Flame’ abolish the Evil Eye from (Y). Bless both X and Y so that they live in harmony. May X understands and stops casting the Evil Eye, may Y never be affected by the Evil Eye again.’

The process is repeated another 7 times (in total 8). As mentioned if the clove simply burns and doesn’t pop then blessings are sent to both the afflicted and the other person. The 9th bud is named as all others and the Blessing is more general for everybody else known or unknown. If no clove bud pops in the flame then the person is not afflicted by the Evil Eye.

As you understand most of the methods used to detect the Evil Eye are further expanded to cure it. Now let’s have a look at other techniques which they are intended only to cure the Evil Eye. Usually detection is not necessary if the witch is certain that the root of the problem comes from it.

How to remove the Evil Eye?

I have provided 3 different techniques for the Evil Eye removal especially in persisting cases where blessings and incantations work only partially. Please remember that each witch uses their own practices and are you will become more efficient the more you use them. One technique is not better than the other, so find the one that suits you best.

Personally, I would suggest the below techniques when the ones provided mainly for detection work partially and if the condition resurfaces even

protective measures have taken place. All the techniques are based on the principle of sympathetic magic and the Law of Similarity- like attracts like, like cures like.

Lemon and nails

This is one technique that my grandmother used for severe cases and I highly recommend it. This is suggested mainly for physical conditions.

Ingredients: A nice lemon -9 nails

You take the lemon which represents the Evil Eye in this case and the effect it has on the individual. You pass the lemon over the body of the afflicted person and you place it on the table. Then you take a nail and you push it in the lemon saying: Evil eye you are now blind. You will never affect again (the afflicted person’s name).

You repeat 8 times in total and with the last nail you say: (The afflicted person’s name) is now cured from the Evil Eye. Spirit Divine I ask thee to protect your child, always to be blessed and always stay healthy and kind.

The lemon with the sticked nails is placed in a bag and then is buried away in a forest or field. When you bury it say: Evil Eye, Blind Eye, in Mother Earth you return. As you rot, you will never touch again (the afflicted person’s name). As you perish, only good and kindness blooms.

Charcoals and water

This technique is mainly suggested for psychological/mental conditions due to the evil eye. For this technique you will need the following:

-A basin filled with fresh water -9 charcoals (charcoal discs used for incense will be fine)

You light all the charcoals in a fire resistant dish. When they are glowing red hot bring them close to the basin. You take one charcoal each time and you throw it in the water. When you hear the sound of the charcoal hits the water you say : Evil eye, your flame is now extinguished and gone. (Afflicted person’s name) is now healthy and bold.

You repeat that 8 times. At the 9th time you say: All the flames have been extinguished have been gone. (Name of the afflicted person) is now as it was before. May the Gods shine bright over their child never to be affected again by the Evil Sight.

Once finished you throw the charcoal and waters from the basin outside of the house. Usually saying something like: Gone, gone, gone! or Never return again!

Salt and fire

This technique needs a fireplace or an open fire. If none of the two is available then please use the above techniques.

Ingredients: A handfull of salt (preferably rock salt) -An open fire

The witch passes the salt over the body of the afflicted person starting from the head down to the feet.  Remember to have the salt in your fist closed all this time- if salt starts escaping this is not a good omen. You need to repeat or see if something else rather than the Evil Eye is in place.

After you finish passing the salt over the body you throw the salt in the fire. As the salts starts popping you say: Burst Evil Eye, burn and begone. Burnt and perished you will stay never affecting (The afflicted person’s name) again. Now (the afflicted person’s name) is healthy and bold.

A variation of this technique in India suggests mixing the salt with mustard seeds, I have never personally used it but feel free to try it and tell me the results.

The same technique as described above is usually used for gossiping and to burst the evil words and the effect on the person. You can alter or add as needed.

Finally, I provide links to various recipes at Magical Recipes Online that you can use for protection and banishing for quick reference. Inspire yourselves:

This article was originally published by Magical Recipes Online.


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