Mind Reading: Six Easy Ways To Do It

Mind Reading: Six Easy Ways To Do It

Many people believe that reading someone’s mind, is nothing but a kind of control mechanism. If you can figure out the next move of the person that we have in front of us, you can manipulate it or anticipate his actions in the future.

In fact, if we think about and look at the bright side, reading the mind of someone else can help you understand his point of view, to go and interact on a deeper level.


Here are 6 ways to read the mind of a person, in a simple way


1) Body language

Body language is a clear signal of what someone is thinking. If his forehead is wrinkled the individual is stressed. How is it positioned?  Is he sitting or standing? What is his your position?


2) Observe his breathingconscious-breathing-fear-tense-pain-cycle

How is his breathing? If someone breathes through the base of his spine it means that it is relaxed. If his breathing is shallow he is in a state of stress. If you want to know the mental state of a person, observe his breathing.

If his breathing is fast means that the subject probably is nervous, it means he does not want you to know something. The person may be very shy or anxious or may hide information.

If someone has a relaxed breath, his mental state is calm, which usually means that what he says is true.


3) Read his eyes

The eyes are often detectors. Studies have shown that when you think intensively, the pupils dilate. Interestingly, when the brain is overloaded pupils are extremely dilated.

If while talking to a person, her pupils widen, but later, they shrink, meaning it is not really interested in what you’re saying. If on the contrary, remain dilated, it means that it is very interested in you and your words.


4) Listen to his tone. Not words, his tonetone of voice

The tone of voice can mean everything. The speed in which he articulates the words. Slow is calm, fast is nervous. The words are not as important as the energy that feeds them.

This does not need to be explained because you know what it means a certain tone of voice. But sometimes we have to really tune in and listen for understanding.


5) Spend time with that person

If you really want to know what are the thoughts of a person, spend time with him. Spend an afternoon in his company and you will learn a lot.

When you spend time with someone, it will become easier to understand how that person reacts to certain situations.

It is for this reason that the parents get surprised, claiming to not notice before their child does something wrong. “Everything was normal,” they might say. This usually indicates that the father was not spending enough time with the baby.

Other times in a relationship, even after years you can not understand what the person has in his head. This can create stress in a relationship because it is difficult to know how to act when you do not know what our companion or friend is thinking or how he/she feels.


6) Make sure that the other person is not absorbing your energy

Everything depends on you. If you get close to a nervous situation, your partner will reflect that tension. If, however, you approach a situation in a relaxed state, you will be able to absorb the energy of other people and recognize who’s in front for what it really is, do not guess.

It is very important to note that we all have the opportunity to ask how someone feels. Beyond the classical and little-felt circumstance sentence: “How’s it going”, he tries to dig a little ‘deeper.

Maybe you can try to read his mind and ask a more specific question, such as: “Do you feel relaxed and in a good mood?”

Self-awareness is crucial when trying to be more aware of others around us. If you are not aware and centered on yourself, you will never be able to read the mind of another person.




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