Powers Of Telekinesis: How To Access Your Magic

Powers Of Telekinesis: How To Access Your Magic

If you’re reading this and are already doubtful that metaphysical, supernatural powers, like telekinesis exist, then your chances of tapping into these powers immediately become next to impossible.

Peter Pan wasn’t entirely off his rocker when saying it’s necessary to “think happy thoughts” in order to fly.

Developing, nurturing, and mastering superhuman type abilities is not impossible – though incredibly difficult. Yet what it mostly takes is an unshakable, unwavering belief in oneself. A belief in your ability to unlock the hidden inner aspects of your consciousness in order to develop it’s potential.

By allowing even the smallest shred of doubt or disbelief cross your mind-space when trying to conjure your secret magic potential, you are essentially restarting back at the beginning, every time. What’s unfortunate is that most of society shares a common belief that ‘magic’, in essence, does not exist – and is not possible to attain by any human standard.

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Yet what most don’t recognize is that we are spiritual beings, borne of the cosmos and made entirely of thought-energy vibration, thus creating what we see, think, feel, and hear.

Thus it’s almost just as impossible NOT to believe in magic. For we already are magic.


Everything in existence, whether living or not, is comprised of untold spiritual possibilities and metaphysical miracles. Everything operates at an energetic, vibrational frequency at the most basic of levels, within our very atoms and cellular structure. Everything is connected, everything is Source. And most of our potential is yet untapped, simply because as a collective consciousness, we do not yet believe ourselves capable of such mystifying feats.

Yet the human capacity is endless as long as we can perceive it as so.

Granted, it’s unfathomable to think we could attain Superhero or Jedi status, like that of our favorite comic books, movies, and science fiction novels, any time soon. However this isn’t to say this level of ‘magic’ isn’t attainable, perhaps one day far off into the future. Perhaps in other worlds, across other dimensions, or in our other lives – we have already reached this level of magic potential. For anything that can be conceived, can be achieved.

It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it is a matter of ‘when’.

So how might we access these untapped powers and believe in our infinite potential?

Choose what skill you’d like to develop. For starters this article shall focus on the powers of Telekinesis.


Powers of Telekinesis: How To Access Your Magic…


1. Prepare For Practice

Telekinesis is the art of moving inanimate objects with ONLY the mind, and nothing else. So choose your object of choice to practice on. As a suggestion, the best approach for those beginning their journey into telekinesis is to create what’s known as a PSI Wheel.

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To create your own, simply fold a square piece of paper to resemble a pinwheel. Then use a toothpick, paperclip, or needle shoved into an eraser and balance the paper at the top end, as shown in the image below.

Powers of Telekinesis: How To Access Your Magic


2. Meditate The Mind

With meditation, practice makes perfect. In order to even consider yourself capable of moving an inanimate object, the mind has to be fully engaged and powered by belief. Enter a mental state of calmness and focus on your intent.

Concentrate your energies on the task at hand, for as long as possible. Take breaks if need be, yet keep them short – and return to a state of mental fortitude stronger than any previous attempt.


3. Visualize On Repeat

Visualize what you are trying to do. If it helps, hold your hands (palms open), facing the object you’re working with, and use the energy of your palm chakras (Reiki), in conjunction with the power of your mind to make the object move.

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Attune your thoughts to the invisible tether of Source energy that connects you to the object. To the vibrational frequency between your mind and the object resting before you. Visualize the process and set the intention to make the object move (or in this case with the PSI Wheel, to make it spin).


4. Access An Energy Source

If you find yourself unable to conjure enough mental energy to make the object move, it may help to ‘pull’ energy from other sources. Beings as everything is made of it’s own energetic frequency, there is limitless access to energy reserves in all directions.

Gather energy from the Sun, from Earth itself, from your chakras, from trees and plants, crystals, or any other number of sources. Use this energy to amplify your mental fortitude and channel it into your practice.

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As with anything, uncovering and improving upon arcane powers takes immense amounts of time, energy, and practice. Ask any skilled magician his or her secrets and likely they won’t let you in on them – but the biggest secret (which isn’t exactly a secret) is that it took a ton of time and hard work for them to achieve their magical skills with such fluidity and ease.

It may help to keep a journal to record any progress. Track your intentions and levels of focus, what techniques you have or haven’t yet tried, as well as any successes or failures you’ve experienced. And most importantly, never give up!


Source: spiritearthawakening.com


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