Activating The JEDI Abilities In You Is Possible! This Is How You Do It…

Activating The JEDI Abilities In You Is Possible! This Is How You Do It...If you love Star Wars, then you have surely fantasized at least once, about how it should be to live like a Jedi. How would you feel if we told you that you can learn to use many skills of the Jedi, by following some basic techniques of consciousness and meditation?

Let’s analyze the basic abilities of the Jedi and try to experiment with techniques to be able to use them in our daily lives.


How to Activate Your Jedi Abilities 

1.) The force

They manage to connect to the force.

“Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It is an energy field created by all living beings. It surrounds us and penetrates us; It binds the galaxy together. ” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you think the force as an energy field, you will understand that when we connect to it, we are connected to “everything”. This gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and help the natural balance of the universe and the flow.

Meditation, yoga, reiki, Diksha, awareness and other techniques, when used over time, allow us to perceive it.


2.) Reflections of Superman

Each Jedi has superhuman reflexes. This ability allows them to dodge attacks, duel and jump and fall from great distances with precision.

So that you too can have this ability, the perception of time should be reduced into being able to live forever in the present moment. The best way to achieve it is by training with mindfulness techniques that form your physical senses but also by practicing a form of ego-transcendent mindset, known as Consciousness Observer.

It is a state of consciousness where all the senses, emotions and thoughts are totally neutral. You enter a higher state in which your feelings are not ruled by your ego or chemical emotions but from your finer feelings. When you can reach that stage, you will be able to react without missing a beat mentally, physically or verbally.


3.) Connecting to other Jedi

We said that the Jedi are able to connect through the force, so when one of them dies or suffers, they can feel it. This is what it means to be empathetic to all.

Unfortunately due to a lack of training and emotional balance, many empathetic see their sensitivity as a curse, because of suffering and easily projecting their emotions onto others.

One way to overcome this is to project the light on the others, remaining a neutral observers. When you’re neutral waves of others will pass through you, without touching you. This creates balance.

The only way to help others is to project your balance that can be achieved with yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and presence. This will allow you to solve problems much more quickly because it will help you to not be a victim of One’s emotions.


4.) Physical Force

A Jedi can increase their physical strength or change their body. Exercising and the ability to be able to feel the cosmic force lead the Jedi to have great physical strength.

Visualizing how you would like yourself physically, combined with a mental discipline, greatly helps to achieve this goal.


5.) Seeing into the Past and the Future

In a state of meditation, a Jedi is able to easily observe what happened in the past and what is the likely future, in relation to the present moment.

This allows the Jedi to have a broader vision of the present situation and decide to change their actions if they want a different future. The meditation exercises and expansion of the energy of “third eye” also allow you to achieve this.


6.) Influencing someone’s will

Influencing the will of a person is the most powerful but also the most controversial. Many people feel that influencing the mind of another person is wrong.

However, the Jedi use this technique to help people understand how to overcome an internal conflict, asking for a greater good for them, without deciding deliberately what.

If you are balanced, you can make the best use of this technique, remembering that everything you give, you get.

A great way to do this is by imagining to project light with the Heart Chakra, and imagining speaking to the soul of the person you want to help. Remember, though, that everyone has their own path and all that happens is perfect as it is even if we do not accept it.


7.) The telekinesis

In the end, the strength of a Jedi allows him to influence objects at a distance. Many doubt that, in fact, science shows that every object has its own frequency because its particles vibrate.

The Jedi are able to hear and to change the energy of this, being able to even move them.

This also allows them to heal beings, by changing the magnetic field of the cells. When we are able to perceive that the time, space and distance are illusions of the mind, this ability will have no mystery.

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