The Five Signs Of Reincarnation

The Five Signs Of Reincarnation

Reincarnation exists and we could define it as a process of soul evolutionEach of us has specific physiognomy and behavioral characteristics that come from past lives.

The more we have experienced some abnormalities or strange situations, the better we manage in our current existence.

All, in greater or lesser extent, we have gone through this cycle experiencing many of the following events:


1. Recurrent Dreams

They can be a way used by the unconscious to process trauma. This may be in fact the events and memories of past lives.


2. To recognize a place that has never been seen

Many people, including children, are able to have clear memories of places they have never visited


3. Vivid memories of names and eventsreincarnation

This can happen especially to children, it is a known fact, the stories of small children that remember many events of their past lives, which is also sometimes reflected in the objective reality and the recognition of people who were part of the previous life that the child had lived.


4. Intuition

Our intuition is the ability to connect with our innate knowledge.

The more we experience(do) it, the more we approach the “source” where our soul comes from.


5. Déjà vu

There are various theories about déjà vu. Some argue that this is a neurological dissonance, others believe that it refers to other infinite dimensions, someone else instead, says that proves the existence of past life experiences.

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