Past Lives: 4 Tips To Help You Remember!

Past Lives 4 Tips To Help You Remember

The search for the meaning of life is one of the most important issues for the human being and takes on a new meaning when we are able to integrate information from previous incarnations. This is because the journey that we experience in our lifetime is only a little experience of the soul’s journey.

It is useful, therefore, to obtain as much information as possible about previous incarnations, to fully understand what our soul wants to experience to evolve in this existence.

It’s easy to say, but it can be difficult to identify the contents of a past life without the assistance of an expert. Moreover, it is very important to rely on a person capable of knowing how to reassure and pacify in case you re-experience  a particularly painful trauma, during the “regression.”

To get in a good psychic level, preparatory, that will help you take your time travel with ease and serenity, follow this tips:


4 Tips To Help You Remember Past Lives


1.) Meditate

The soul has experienced many bodily incarnations before the one you are experiencing now, it is important to give it the right energy and express it. The mind is a part of the body and when it quiets with meditation, the soul can communicate and express themselves without interruption.

How do you meditate? Various techniques exist, but the goal is to pay attention to the present moment, without judging, just observing it. When you stop thinking, you will begin to remember names or places or people or even past life events.

If this happens to you it is advisable to write in a notebook all that you have lived. This will help you remember better and understand if your soul wants you to solve some trauma related to what you recalled.


2.) Analyze the events of your life

What have you experienced through your life? Surely you have lived experiences that have formed and made the person you are.

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These experiences have all happened for a reason: they are part of the journey that your soul has chosen to take to understand that you are a divine being.


3.) Note everything that looks familiar

Did you ever talk to someone for the first time and have the impression of knowing them all along? As if  had scheduled an appointment long ago and were waiting for the time of your meeting? Or having the feeling of being at home in a new place.

These could be signs of past life memories. In fact, the soul is naturally drawn to what is familiar, not surprisingly many souls find themselves from life to life, in different roles.


4.) The soul speaks through the emotions

Do you happen to have the feeling of remembering something you’ve never really experienced, in this current incarnation? How can one tell if that memory is true or is a figment of your imagination?

The emotion you feel, and its intensity!

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What you feel would be a clear signal of your spirit that asks you to pay attention to something that has to be understood, something that originated in another life.

Keep in mind all these tips and enjoy you time travel!




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