This Short Mind Game Will Determine What Type Of Soul You Have

This Short Mind Game Will Determine What Type Of Soul You Have

As each of us begin to take the first steps that will shape our lives, we unknowingly pick a certain role to fulfill. The role that we choose influences who we become, our strengths and weaknesses, and our behaviors and attitudes towards other people.

This role is often described as a type of ‘soul.’ There are seven different roles you can possibly take on: Priest, Server, Artisan, Warrior, King, Sage and Scholar.

The following quiz is thought-provoking; it really makes you ponder what your needs are and what choices you make that grow out of these needs.

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The questions that you are asked to respond to, are then analyzed to arrive at a conclusion about the “soul type” that best describes you.

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The characteristics of each type of soul:



As a server, you’re a natural caretaker. You seek to make the world better by doing everything in your power to rid people of their suffering or to help those who are in need.

Always willing to lend a hand, servers oftentimes end up being used by others because of how generous they can be. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by trying to fix everyone’s problems.

About 30 percent of the population plays the role of server.



The artisan is a creative individual who is adept at expressing all of the abstract thoughts they ponder up.

Artisans are responsible for all of the cool gadgets, stunning pieces of art, and advancements in technology we see in society. They enjoy being original and productive.

About 22 percent of the population is made up of artisans, such as artists, engineers, architects, mechanics, etc.



The warrior is an active type that loves overcoming challenges to achieve their goals and dreams. They enjoy getting rewarded for hard work and can be kept in line through types of punishment.

They’re notorious for their short fuses and blunt attitude, which often makes others see them as intimidating.

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About 17 percent of the population is comprised of warriors. These are our athletes, soldiers, salesmen, etc.



The scholar is one who enjoys accruing as much knowledge as possible. They’ve got naturally curious tendencies and never struggle in the world of academia.

These people are usually easygoing in nature, but are also very methodical and adventurous in their pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes they come off as arrogant or too analytic.

Scholars live comfortably in careers involving science, math and research, and make up about 13 percent of our population.



Sages are people who enjoy keeping others entertained, and it’s easy for them to do so because they’re naturally charming people whose charisma entices almost everyone.

These folks like expressing themselves publicly through their art, music and dance. Sages can be arrogant at times when they don’t receive enough attention, which also lends to their dramatic tendencies in social circles.

These friendly, fun-loving folks make up about 10 percent of the population.



Priests are individuals who raise people up. They enjoy being the motivator; the person who channels the inner strengths in others to help them succeed.

These folks are good at inspiring others because they easily recognize the endless potential that people have.

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Caring and compassionate, priests make up about 7 percent of the population.



The kings of our world are our natural born leaders. They’re assertive and commanding, making sure things get done in a timely and near-perfect manner.

They enjoy finding solutions to problems, but their drive for perfection can lead them to be controlling, overbearing, and merciless at times.

Around 13 percent of our population is comprised of kings. They are often found in positions in government and politics, and at the higher echelons of bureaucratic hierarchies.


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