4 Surprising Places To Connect To The Field Of Consciousness


We are all connected to the same field of consciousness where universal wisdom and truth reside.

There are times we are acutely aware of receiving intuitive guidance like a-ha moments when we meet up with synchronicity, information, or divine timing seemingly out of the blue. The more this happens, the more in flow we are with the universal flow of energy!

You have a hard time feeling energetic ease and have tried meditation but just can’t seem to connect with it, there are four common ways to get into a state of flow.

But first, we need to get to a place where we can receive answers to our questions via spiritual guidance.

It can be a challenge to describe the field of consciousness because our vernacular is subjective. Some describe it with language like coincidence, synchronicity, or serendipity.

Here are 4 Surprising places to connect to the field of consciousness:


1)  Solo Exercise

solo-exercice.jpgOnce we put on our walking/running/yoga clothes we’ve entered a zone. (right?) This space is a door way to a meditative experience (if we choose).

And ANY meditative experience brings us to the door of the field of consciousness.

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The next time you go for a stroll or a run by yourself, leave your i-pod and phone at home and keep your heart, ears and eyes wide open; count your breaths, listen to the birds in the trees,

feel the wind and your feet as they routinely touch the pavement and notice the quality of air that enters your lungs and exits your mouth…

When you can connect your soul to the beautiful rhythm of life affirming movements…

you’re fully present in your own mind, body, and soul/spirit!  And this is a powerful place to ask and receive!


2) The Shower

shower.jpgEarth, Wind, Fire, and Water are natural elemental energies that fuel and assist the human body and experience.

It is why we are drawn like flies to candles, fire pits, fire places, sunrise, sunsets, the ocean, sand, and crystals.

A daily ritual such as a shower is a perfect place to quiet your mind and drop into your body as you begin the meditative ritual of caring and cleansing.

This is another powerful place to ask and receive!


3) Driving


Although our goal is to keep our eyes on the road, driving is also an opportunity to quiet mind chatter, turn off the music and noisy-ness and really allow our soul to take the wheel.

Use time behind the wheel to not only get from point A to point B safely, but to also take a mental, physical, and energetic time-out to realign with source energy.

It is a great place to ask and receive!



Dreaming.jpgThe best place for a vision board is your bedroom facing you. Why?

Because it is the perfect position to work within the matrix of your subconscious for hours at a time! There are no filters to bypass when we sleep. That’s why when we go to sleep, we can access our spirit guides and angels.

An exercise: Before bed, write down one question for God, the Universe, your spirit guides or angels you would like clarity on and tuck it under your pillow.

Answers and information can be integrated into the fabric of our consciousness whether we are aware or not. But keep paper and a pen on your bedside.

As you awaken or reposition, jot down the time and any speck of a dream, no matter how little information.

Spirit often alerts us of their presence and responses in number sequences such as numbers on a clock, especially when it coincides with a dream.

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Don’t write anything off, write it down! With practice, you will notice a pattern of how your higher team communicates with you.


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