Synchronicity & The Connection to 11:11 — Listening to Signs from the Universe

Synchronicity & The Connection to 11:11—Listening to Signs from the Universe

Synchronicity is the belief that the universe will help direct us on our authentic life path through meaningful occurrences that our souls manifest.

Our biggest challenge in accepting synchronicity is inviting it into our lives without the need to control the ultimate outcome.

 The term, originally coined by Carl Jung, refers to the events in our lives that have meaning, yet can’t be explained—the ultimate belief that there is no such thing as coincidence.

In order to accept synchronicity into our lives we first need to make the conscious choice to live as honestly and authentically as we can.

This doesn’t mean that we lose the ability to make conscious choices about our own lives—but rather if we make choices that are for the good of ourselves and the universe, then our souls will be rewarded by signs that we are on the right track.


A few years back, I declared war on the status quo.

I changed everything in my life, and in the beginning it was very difficult—but I never was worried or stressed that the outcome would be anything less than positive.

Simply because I believed deep down that this path was the one that I was meant to travel.

The first winter I had a hard time heating my home. At one point my oil tank was almost empty, and my savings didn’t have much in it—then I received a call for a job that filled my oil tank and then some.

I truly believed that the universe would take care of me—and it did.

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This is not the last time this has occurred. Since accepting the divine manifestation of synchronicity into my life, not only have I felt a huge sense of inner peace, but I have been blessed to find gifts coming into my life at exactly the moments I need them to.

I believe that the path that I am walking is the one that I am meant to—and that the universe is supporting me in all that I do.

It’s not easy to surrender to the greater power that beats around us, especially as it is human nature to not want to give up control. However, if we all just had a little more faith in ourselves and our decisions, we would find the universe rewarding us for our courage.


I simply don’t believe in coincidences.

If I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while I believe that it happened for a reason. If I am rushing into work and someone pulls out in front of me, I don’t see it as an irritant—but as a reminder that I need to slow down.

If I can’t stop thinking of someone then I believe it is because they are meant to be on my mind.

I have given up complete control to the universe—and I’ve never been happier.

I believe that there are forces at play beyond which we can see. I believe in destiny, and fate—and an ultimate plan that is separate from any sort of religious affiliation.

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For me, the greatest religion is the belief in the universe and the power of the cosmos.

If we make the choice to live with honesty and integrity—to do good just because we should, not because someone is watching, then we will continually be blessed with gifts or situations from the universe that confirm our authentic life path.



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