5 Signs That Show You Are A Powerful Lightworker

5 Signs That Show You Are A Powerful Lightworker

Lightworkers are people who volunteer to assist the planet heal from any form of fear since they perceive themselves as able to deliver an elusive energy for healing.

They feel they have been awakened mystically to heal the world. Have your colleagues ever described your heart as pure? Do you feel you are warm and loving? Do you always have a feeling that you can resolve the environmental and social problems facing this world? Are you compelled to teach and counsel people about your experience?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you must have been a lightworker without knowing. The following are other signs you might have.

1. Desire to help people

Lightworkers feel they are called to heal the world. This doesn’t mean the “light healing” we know of but the actual healing of physical problems in the planet like war, poverty and hunger.


2. Respect to all life

Normal life habits like eating meat might be disgusting since it is actually animal abuse in the eyes of a lightworker who views all life as valuable and deserves our respect. Protecting life on earth is generally your major role.

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3. You are rebellious

You always go against those in authority like government and culture since you view them with mistrust. Though culture can sometimes be a source of destruction, lightworkers feel like they are the odd women and men out there in the society.


4. You feel united with the universe

As a lightworker, you don’t feel to be part of your people like the way you feel when you look at the sky. The cosmos is you source of happiness and peace especially at night when you admire the universe to be around you. You perceive the reason behind your existence in the earth is to promote better living.

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5. Being in solitude is normal

You desire being isolated as it is easy to analyse and respond to the moods of your surroundings.


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