5 Ways to Cleanse Your Sexual Aura And Why It’s Necessary

5-Ways-to-Cleanse-Your-Sexual-Aura-And-Why-It’s-Necessary.jpgPeople tend to carry a lot of energy along with themselves and leave traces of it wherever they go.

Their energy lingers on in the spaces they have visited and their energy might even start affecting you negatively.

It’s a well-known fact that when you sleep with someone, you sleep with all the people the person has slept with before.

This happens because when we indulge in sex with someone we exchange and absorb each other’s energies and thereby get affected by it depending on the kind of energy we have absorbed; positive or negative.

We must understand that energy comes in different forms. We all have a sexual aura and it needs to be taken good care of just like other forms of energy.

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Sleeping with positive people can light up your mood, boost you with self-confidence and fill you with optimism.

Likewise, if you end up having sex with someone negative, it can make you feel depressed and stressed out.

But it’s nothing to worry yourself over, there are several ways to clear yourself of the negative energy that you have absorbed.

Here are five ways to cleanse your sexual aura:


Don’t become intimate with negative individuals:

For your own good, you should stop associating with negative people, let alone sleep with one.

People leave traces of their energy with you when you merely interact with them, so sleeping with them might altogether have disastrous consequences on you.

Always be intimate with positive people.


Get your aura checked by a professional:

In order to fix yourself, you first need to know if you’re broken.

Get your aura checked by a professional to know about your current energetic state.

Then you need to give a thought upon which aspects of your life need a reevaluation.



Meditation is the one cure for all energy-related problems.

Meditate upon your aura, energy, and chakra so that you can raise your vibration and synchronize your energy with that of the universe.

Not only will this rid you of negative energies but also help you attain better health.


Heal your aura:

You can ask professional healers to help you clear your negative aura.

You can also use acupressure, acupuncture or Reiki to aid you in the process of gaining positive energy.

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Confront your emotions:

By suppressing emotions you only make things worse for you.

Suppressing only makes them resurface later with renewed intensity.

Face your emotions, come to terms with them, even if they are negative.

You can never overcome them if you never accept their existence.




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