Are You a Witch? Signs and Characteristics That Point to Natural Magic Capabilities

Are-You-a-Witch-Signs-and-Characteristics-That-Point-to-Natural-Magic-Capabilities.jpgMany people feel they have a connection to the occult in one form or another. Be it with the sense of feeling alive in the wilderness or a natural green thumb in the kitchen, or even a simple feeling of being able to sense your surroundings – these are all ways that can mean a connection to witchcraft.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be a witch, practicing white witch Bev G. says there are certain characteristics that can help you determine if you have the gift. According to her latest blog, here are the signs that may mean you are a witch.

Not a Crowd Person. According to her article in, if you feel uncomfortable in a crowd, you might be a witch.

Witches tend to be more “in tune” to those around them, so naturally, being in a crowded room means a crowd of emotions. It can lead to a feeling of unease or even make you nauseous.

Strong Intuition. Similar to being in tune to others, if you have a highly developed intuition, that’s another sign of the gift. If you always trust your gut and know it will steer you in the right direction, that’s an excellent indicator of tapping into the “magic” around you.

Fascination with the Afterlife. Have you always felt like those who have passed are still around, just not in plain sight?

Feeling like we are all linked – both living and dead – and that we are never really out of reach when we die – could be an indicator as well. Being in tune with life beyond physical death is common.

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Feeling All Energies. If you’ve ever stood in a forest and swore you could inhale the energy of the deep earth below you or the trees above you, you could be a witch. If the sunlight on your skin seems to vibrate deep into your soul with a vibrant energy, you could be a witch.

An Attraction to the “Dark Arts. Are you drawn to the tools of magic? Do you have an affinity for tarot cards, potions, and spells, herbal healing techniques, or astrology? What about mediums and speaking with the dead? Witches often feel drawn to these things inexplicably.

Reading Vibes. According to Bev, people who have natural witch abilities are often easily able to read other people and read an energy of places.

For the same reasons you may not be a crowd person, you may also feel uneasy in certain places or areas. You may even feel like you experience déjà vu often.

Silver or Gold? It is certainly not the case for every witch, but many are much more drawn to silver than gold. The softer shimmer of silver is in relation to the moon.

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It is gentle and clean. Gold, on the other hand, is bolder and more “loud.” “Silver whispers, gold shouts,” Bev explains.

Odd Affinity for the Different. Do you have an odd collection of unusual things?

Picking up the knotted fallen branch, the beautiful but broken shells in the sand, or the fluttering feathers that fell from the wings of that songbird in your yard – these are odd but beautiful in their own way. If you have an eye for the oddities in nature, you could be a witch.

Storms Excite You. Witches are highly connected to their environments and the natural elements around you. A storm is a highly charged energy of wind and rain and lightning and witches are often drawn to them. If the “visible force of nature gives you a rush,” you could be a witch.

Love for the Moon. Sometimes you may not understand your full range of emotions for something, but you’re simply drawn to it. Bev says you may “notice the full moon and your heart lifts when you see the crescent moon peeking from behind the clouds,” if you’re a witch.

Connection to the Elements. Similar to the moon, being drawn to the elements is another indicator of being a natural witch.

People who are born with the gift tend to migrate to one or more of the natural elements. If you have a love for the water or an appreciation for the earth and growing things, you could be a witch.

Using Your Senses. Being in tune with your body and senses is another important indicator of being a natural witch. Understanding how to utilize your full range of senses to analyze situations and/or people is a highly developed skill and another indicator of natural abilities.

Appreciation for Nature. “You can’t ignore an herb garden without getting your hands right in there and your nose following close behind.

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You hear birds and insects. You acknowledge their existence and are grateful for their presence on the planet,” Bev explains.

You Just Know. Sometimes, it isn’t as clear-cut as having a set of “symptoms” or potential indicators.

You may have none of the characteristics on this list, but simply feel or know you are a witch. That is the beauty of the world of “magical” abilities – sometimes, you just know.


Source: rebelcircus.


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