Follow These Simple Steps To Have A Meaningful Conversation With Your Inner Self And The Divine

divineIt is not easy to be in a conversation with your genuine self. Nor is it easy to form a connection with the Divine. The one thing that gets in the way of the latter is that we are so focused on being unworthy of the attention of the divine that we oftentimes forget that the Divine might need our attention too.

Here are a few things that you need to pay attention to as to form a healthy conversational relationship with the divine and You.

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Using images and words which are familiar

While conversing with the Divine, people often get confused and messed up on the meaning of complex things. The good news is that one can request the Divine to send messages in the form of examples or images which are familiar to us and more straightforward to our understanding.

Write down everything and don’t be judgmental

Many things won’t make sense to you right away and it would be beneficial to have them noted down so you can revisit them. Also, make sure that you are open to all the possibilities.

Focus the attention on yourself

Don’t fall victim to diversion, thinking about other people and their lives. It is your time and you should be focusing on your own self only.

Don’t be afraid to ask

It is a good thing to be curious and you can ask as much from your soul and the divine as you want without feeling embarrassed.

Stay in the present moment

Your chores, your commitments would still be there after you are done talking to yourself so keep those thoughts at Bay and focus on the present.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed about asking uncomfortable questions. There is nothing new for the divine and you’d be better informed once you’ve dared to ask the question.

Think about how you can have a better conversation and be present and respectful to the divine.

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